Pain In Breast After Radiotherapy

Hi Ladies,

Just looking for a bit of advice - I finished radiotherapy on the 17th Dec. I’ve been very lucky with side effects but over the past 3 days I’ve had some pain in my breast. Is this normal after radiotherapy?

Thanks xx

hi Maggiemay I finished radiotherapy on the 27th November and I am still getting pains I seem to think this is quite normal after reading what the other ladies on here have said. Have got an appointment with my oncologist on Monday so I will mention it, but if you are worried ring your bcn I am sure she will reassure you. Fezzy x

Hi Fezzy, hope you’re having a lovely weekend! Thank you for the reply. I did call my BCN and she’s reassured me it’s normal. I’ve started to run and up my workouts since being diagnosed so I wasn’t sure if it was that. I’ll see how I get on.

Maggie xx

Hi Maggiemay. All quite normal. I had 20 sessions of rads and completed on 2nd July and still get the odd twinge and arm pain. Carry on doing the excersises you were given for after surgery I find that helps. Stretching the surgery arm. I am having treatment on my arm as the tendons are a bit tight and twisted. It can take up to 12 month or more for everything to settle down. You may also get a bit of rib pain again all ok but get it checked out if you do. Neurofen gel worked for me as recommended by my bcn on arm shoulder and boob. You maybe find you will feel and see quite a lot of changes over the next few weeks as it is still early days and I am still being told this 6 month on. Do what you can when you can, what you like when you like, try and say no! And say yes to things that you haven’t done before. Hope all goes well for you. I haven’t been on the forum for a while but always seem to come to the rads thread as met some wonderful ladies in here and we still chat to this day about our aches and pains lol.