Pain in breast after WLE AND SNB

Hi all,

Can someone give me some advice.  On the 30th November I had the above operation.  unfortunately after 2 days ended up back in hospital with cellulitus and a haematoma.  Had IV antibiotics and all seemed to be healing.  I m now suffereing with a quite swollen breast still and it feel’s really lumpy, hard and sore.  The scars are healing fine, but I am really worried as to whether this is normal 4 weeks after op. Should I seek further advice.  I am due to go for planning for radiotherapy on the 5th Jan, or would you wait till then. would appreciate some feedback.  Thanks.  Ellie 49

Hi, I also had a WLE and axillary clearance on the 5th November and am still experiencing some discomfort . I had a lot of swelling and tenderness which continued for 6 weeks , I carried on doing my exercises which I could manage ok but I decided to see my surgeon again as I thought it might need draining. Saw surgeon 6 weeks after op and he said it was all normal post operative changes, nothing to be concerned about. Although my swelling has gone down I’m now left with a really hard lump in my breast but I find applying some light pressure to it helps . Also try to take it easy as I know when I ‘overdo’ things it tends to make it worse! I start rads on 11th Jan so hoping everything will be ok to go ahead. I would suggest that yours is still early days and will settle down but go and see your surgeon or breast care nurse if your concerned. I hoped this has helped. Good luck

Hi Ellie 49 , I was browsing haven’t been on here for a while and came across your post ,try not to worry about your lumpy swollen breast , it can be like this for months I had a WlE in May , then anouther one in June to get a clear margin , 2 weeks after second surgery I developed cellulitus did need iv antibiotics but did have to take them for nearly 4 weeks this delayed my radiotherapy . I eventually had that in August / September ,even now my boob feels a little lumpy but is getting much softer plus had it checked by consultant end of October and she was not concerned .good luck with your treatment x

Sorry meant to say did not need iv antibiotics