pain in breast and underarm

Afternoon to you all.

I have had pain in my right breast and underarm of about 4 months.
I have been to the breast clinic, and waiting for a mammogram.
The consultant said the breast is lumpy, and that i needed to get it checked.
When i went i didnt think my breast was lumpy i was going for pain. Has anybody on here been in the same situation.
I wasnt worried but i am now!!

Many thanks Karen.

Sorry to hear that you are waiting to have a mammogram - some ppl have naturally lumpy breasts so it may well be that you are just one of those ppl. Best to get it checked tho. Do you have an appointment for the mammo yet? Most breast lumps turn out to be nothing to worry about and I hope this is the case with you. Do try to be careful as to how much you research at this point as it is so easy to read too much of the worrying stuff and scare yourself rigid.

Whatever your situation tho you will get great support from the ladies on here. No such thing as a stupid question either so don’t worry about asking anything - regardless of how silly or trivial it may seem there is always someone here with an answer.

Hi Karen,

I was very similar - constant pain in one breast and very lumpy in both, and I only went to see my GP because the pain was waking me up in the night. I had my hospital clinic appointment yesterday and was given the all clear - mammogram clear and the Dr thinks the lumpiness is glandular issue. I hope this is the same for you. I waited 5 weeks from GP to clinic appointment and the waiting and the worrying was horrendous. Be kind to yourself, acknowledge the negative and positive feelings, it is a roller coaster and vile, but remain as positive as possible. If it was to be the worst, you will have tremendous support from all the health care professionals and the wonderful ladies on this site. Wishing you all the best.:slight_smile:

Thanks for you comments, i do appreciate it. Many Thanks. Karen.

Hi Karen,

If you have pain go back to your doctors and see if they can get you in earlier, I went to see the my doc in Nov 07 and my doctor missed mine, I was like you found a lump and mine was more of a tugging and dull ache, waited for my 3 yearly mammogram for 6 months, like Kylie said ‘’ even the people in White coats get it wrong occasionally’’ in my case this was true but maybe yours is not so, it’s hard to say don’t worry as we all did.

Good luck, I hope it’s just lumpy breastsas they can be very painfull, be positive, we all know how the waiting feels, you are never alone on this site, such great support and advice from all who contribute.

Carol x