Pain in breast

Hi all,

Does any one get pains in the breast that the cancer is in, I always thought that breast cancer was painless unless it had gone to far, I am feeling pain in my breast and it is worrying me or is this normal.


Hi Debs,

Breast pain was the only symptom I had of my Breast Cancer, so whilst it is not common, it was for me an indicator.
I had broken my wrist at the time and the pain from my Breast was more than the fracture pain when I jumped of the gates when walking the dog.

Diane x

Hi Deb,

Funny you should say that! I have a long complicated story about that but to cut to the chase - have you had a biopsy or any treatment on it so far? If so it will be painful. Meanwhile, go to the home page here and type in breat pain in the search bar. Last week I was in agony and conbvinced I had cancer all over breast arm, rib etc. Self diagnosed something called Tietze Syndrome which my doctor confirmed the next day. It isn;t anything major. Hope that helps but tell me more if you can as I really suffered with this. Sarah

I have had a biopsy two weeks ago and dont know whether it is bruising coming out, I feel very tender around the edge of my breast near the breast bone, I too keep thinking it is all over my breast.

Deb x

Deb - I found my lump because of the breast pain which is caused by Tietze syndrome - inflammation of the joints, breast bone. Go to your Doctor - it is a very simply diagnosis, tapping your chest, meanwhile take some ibruprofen and or rub some ibru gel on your breast. Once I knew what it was I felt much better. The biopsy does cause a lot of internal bruising - again ibru shoould help with this. Before I had my op on Friday the nurse also confimed it. It doesn’t mean it’s cancer - you need to know that though. I really hope that helps a bit. Sarah

Breast pain was the first symptom of my breast cancer, though I am told that most beast cancer is painless. My breast was extremy painful but I seem to be an exception to the rule. Good luck

I had pain in my breast which is why I went to the drs, also had some numbness in side of breast but also had a bad neck and shoulder!! which I thought caused numbness in breast. I have a small lump 17 mm but with lymph node involvement so i suppose its been caught fairly quickly because of the breast pain!