Pain in breast

Dear All

I reported a strange sensation in my breast lump (pre op) after my first chemo. I had my second chemo last Friday and woke up with pain in my lump 3 days later. Has anyone else experienced this?


Hi Cecelia

It sounds like the chemo is doing its job and the pain you are feeling is the cancerous cells being killed off. I got it, too, and was reassured it is normal.

I began to actually quite like the feeling as it felt that my treatment was taking effect.

No harm in having it checked out though if you are worried.

Thanks Lolag

That’s what I thought and what everyone said before. When did you notice a reduction in the size of your lump?

Cecelia. x

I get pain in the area of the lump. I had my 4th FEC yesterday. I noticed a reduction after the first lot of chemo and after 3 my 5cm tumour had shrunk by 75%.

Sharon x

Dear Sharon

Thank you , that’s very reassuring. I think I have noticed a reduction after my second chemo, sod the hair loss and everything else, I want the thing shrunk and gone!

Cecelia. x

I too had pain during the first two sessions - but lump has now shrunk to virtually nothing and pain no longer effects me…it’s wonderful pain Cecelia…

Couldn;t agree more about sod the hair loss etc. The only thing that gets me down is no energy for a week as I normally am very active…

Had No 4 this morning and already been sick and feel rotten - but like the breast pain - it’s good rotten as I know the chemo is doing what it is supposed to…