Pain in hands and feet

I’ve been on Tamoxifen for just over 2 years, straight away I started with pains across the top of my feet and across my hands. I’ve mentioned it several times to my nurse/GP but they just suggest to use anti inflammatory gels. The pain in my feet is getting really bad and I struggle to sleep due to the pain, it’s now spread into my toes and ankle. I just wondered if anyone else suffers like this and what you do to ease the pain?


It seems to be more common to get this type of pain with AIs rather than Tamoxifen but there are definitely others on the forum who’ve had this . Some doctors will suggest a short break from the meds to check that it’s definitely the medication causing you problems as other things could be contributing also . Did you have chemo ?

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No just radiotherapy, but I get so much pain in my breast, ribs, hands and feet

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Sounds like you need a proper discussion with a doctor from the breast care team about this if it’s causing you so much discomfort and getting worse , are you due a review ? If not ring your nurse and request one .

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Snap but my pain is in my legs. I’m on exomethane. When I get out of the car for example or bed, i feel as though I’m in my 90’s not 50’s. I’d like to hear someone say that this goes away 🩷

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That’s exactly how I feel, I sometimes get pain in my elbows and knees too. I’m considering taking a break from Tamoxifen so I know for definite that’s what’s causing the pain.

I have pain in my feet all the time since I started on anastrazole I had surgery and radiotherapy only and I have spoken to many health care professionals who seem surprised by this. However my Gp listened and he suggested I try amytriptiline 10mgs and although it took a few weeks it has definately helped although it hasn’t gone its better than it was. I wasn’t keen to take anything else and thought maybe it was making no difference so I tried to stop them and it became much worse again so decided to continue with them as better than not at all. He did say I could increase the dose but that gave me a bad headache so managing with the low dose . Hope this helps

I tried amitriptyline last year, but it made me feel so sick and gave me a headache. I’m now on Gabapentin for the pain in my breast and ribs which has helped a Lille and taken the edge off, but not touched the pain in my feet! I’ve spoken with my nurse and she has suggested a 4 week break so will see how that helps x