Pain in healthy breast for 6 months

Hi everyone! I wonder if anyone else has had similar experience, and if so, would love to hear your replies!
I was diagnosed in July 2013 with grade 3 ductal cancer and was HER2+. Although the tumour was large, it was mostly pre cancer, but surgeon said would be best to have mastectomy and chemo, rads and herceptin.
I have finished chemo 7 weeks ago, and finished radio 2 weeks ago, but am still on herceptin til December!
Anyway, round about September, just before my chemo started, I started getting a kind if burning pain in my healthy breast, and since then, I have had pain and discimfort every day in my remaining breast. I have been examined by 3 GPs and 2 breast surgeons who are all not concerned and are putting it down to the treatments effects in hormines etc.
I forgot to say, I was 8 months pregnant when diagnosed and had mastectomy a week after my daughter wAs born, so there’s that to be considered too!
I would just like to know if anyone else, who has had a mastectomy one one side, has had any pain on the other remaining breast? It’s kind of on the inner left of the right breast near the breast vibe. It’s driving me mad! It’s not dreadfully painful it’s just making me so anxious! I guess I should try to relax and wait til August fir my mammo, but just wondered if anyone can put my mind at ease a bit!

Hi Kat,


I finished chemo on 23 May 2013. In July I began to feel pain in my surviving breast, and what felt like lumps. My oncologist advised me to get in touch with my BCN and ask her to get me an appointment at the breast clinic. She did, and I had  an ultra sound on good breast. Nothing was found, but afterwards the nurse asked me to lie on the opposite side to my good breast (onto the side of my mastectomy). She put her hand at the top of my ribs, just at the side of my breast, and pressed down hard. I yelled and almost jumped off the bed. She then told me the pain was caused by Costochondritis, inflammation of the ribs. It causes pain in the breast, and can sometimes be so bad it feels like a heart attack!! Needless to say I was sent home reassured. The pain has since moved over to the mastectomy side ribs :womanfrustrated: but I’ve been told it won’t last forever, so I just take Ibuprefen. I don’t know if this rings any bells with you. Try pressing on the top of your ribs (or get OH to do it) and see if that is painful - if so, chances are it could be Costochondritis. It is very common.


poemsgalore. xx

Thanks south for your reply!
That does sound like a possibility, considering I’ve had my problem for 6 months. I actually had a fall 3 weeks ago , and injured my ribs so that area is sore anywAy ! Seriously you can’t make this up! I’m my own worst nightmare!
I think I still have anxiety because the breast surgeon examined me but no ultrasound or anything! Although she had examined me in November and February. It’s just so hard not be paranoid because of what’s happened!
Thanks again for your reply! It’s reassuring to know someone else has experienced this! Thanks x