Pain in left breast, tingling arm and chest pains

Since posting the other day I now have tingling and numbness in my left arm, chest pains and palpitations. My doctor was meant to call me at 12:30 so I sat on the side of a hill trying to get a mobile signal - waited for 45 minutes but no call! Finally called me at 3 by which time I was with my family and missed it. I have no idea what all these symptoms mean. The swollen area (lymph glands?) where my left breast meets my arm is more pronounced so we are going home tomorrow so I can see my doctor in person. Feeling very scared.

Hi Sherbetdip


I am so sorry to hear you are having this problem, and just when you are having a holiday.  


If you are anything like me you have been poking and prodding around which could of course make things more painful and swollen. It sounds like your stress is giving you more symptoms.  Is there somewhere you could go to locally to see a doctor?  That way you could get reassurance and continue with your holiday. If it’s an infection you could get antibiotics now before it gets worse.


I have had loads of problems with infections under my arms, some have become cysts, and some have been treated with antibiotics, they have all become unbearably painful before they got better. And always a worry.


Take care