pain in legs 4 months after chemo finished

Hi . i was diagnosed with breast cancer in may i had a 5 1/2 cm tumour in my right breast and also cancer i my lymph nodes . I had 6 chemo that finished on the 31st August and then on the 5th October i had a masectomy and full lymph node removel . The breast care team said i no longer needed radiotherapy so my treatment is finished . But im in agony with my legs and feet , ive got pins and needles and pain in my knees and hips its worst when i go to bed , does anyone know is this normal ? do i need to go back to the breast care team . im convinced the pain could be the cancer as spread to my bones im terrified something is going wrong .ive fallen twice and landed both times on my hip and this as made the pain worse. I was hoping to go back to work partime in January but im not sure its possible with these pains . Can anyone help with any advice .

Hi Paula g - you don’t say, but are you on any targetted therapy?  


Pains and pins and needles seem very common side effects following chemo and more so if you’re on some targetted therapy (I’m post chemo/mx with node removal/rads and currently continuing with herceptin injections) - however, I would be inclined to speak to your onc for reassurance.  Have you had a bone scan at all?



Hi I finished my chemo last Oct I also had 6 treatments then radiotherapy, after my chemo I suffered bad with pains in my joints and my feet hurt so bad still do to be honest ,I was told it was my last 3 courses of chemo that caused it it’s nerve damage ,I was given some tablets from my gp which help a lot especially at night ,joint pain as eased off . Hope this as helped you