Pain in my elbow

Hello to anyone experienced in bony matters

I have had a really tiny intermittent pain in my elbow since January-ish and it was really insignificant. Now, however, it is increasing a little from a pin head to about a thumbnail and I have gone from being unable to find the tender area to being able to put ,y finger right on it.

I think I’m more worried about being paranoid than having bone mets but has anyone with bone mets had it in their elbow?

I don’t want to bother my oncologist just yet. Last time I reported a pain it was in my heel and he was quite clear that bone mets do not travel so remotely!

Yours, with worry beads at the ready


I think that sometimes treatment can make you sore in funny places, such as your elbow foot, i am on tamoxifen and Zoladex and they make me sore all over!!! I would go and see your GP if your worried, they should put your mind at rest.


Hi Dahlia,

I think that bone mets can move into the long bones as well as the usual places like spine, skull, ribs, hips and pelvis. There was someone who had it in her elbow I seem to remember on bcpals. At the mo I can’t recall her name but when I am a bit less tired I will have a search around and see if I can find who it was.


Hello I am suffering the same have been on Timoxifen and then on Arimadex but aches and pain particularly in the arm and elbow made Oncologist take me off them. Other pains improved but not arm and elbow pain had bone scan and MRI getting results tommorrow.

I understand bc surgery makes us far more prone to hand, arm and shoulder problems, such as RSI, carpal tunnel, frozen shoulder, etc.

Have you considered that it might be something like tennis or golfer’s elbow? I’ve been plagued by the former since treatment for my second primary on my dominant side in 2004.

Have you tried rest painkillers and cold packs (not for too long at any one time, if it is your ‘at-risk’ arm that is affected).

With sympathy and fellow feeling.



I have had pain in my elbow for over a year now. I haven’t been to doctors with it as I assume it is arthritis. It isn’t always there some days it’s there and others not. I have the same in back hands and feet. Love eILEEN

I have a swollen right elbow which is painful at times & I think it’s either tennis elbow or arthritis which I have in other parts of my body and which seems to move around every few days - base of left thumb and right knee today! I find some Ibuprofen gel helps which I rub in after having a shower in the mornings.

Hello all

I was told by my GP, around June, that it is tennis elbow. I was given anti inflammtory cream and it worked eventually and the pain went away. Now it is back and is less localised but not really a boney pain so much as a more widespread aching stiffness. I’ll get more cream …