pain in my heel !!!!

Hi everyone,

following tax and now having rads i have developed this sharp stabbing pain on the bottom of my left foot, heel area,
i have never had this before, it is almost like an electric shock going through my foot,
it doesnt stop when i rest, its the same when i am standing or walking, is it a se has anyone else experienced this,

do you know everything i have wrong with me i put it down to ses just wondering whether it may be actually be down to something else,

i dont wear high heels in fact i have been wearing flip flops a lot

any advice or info would be gratefully received thank you and best wishes liz xxx

Hi Liz,
It could be Plantar Fasciitis - one of my friends has this. It may be worth going to see your GP - and maybe asking him if it is Plantar Fasciitis.

Flip flops make it worse as they’re not supporting your foot. The basic stuff my friend does is wear more supportive footwear with Superfeet or similar replacement insoles inside her shoes and stretch her calf muscles. See your GP and try the self-help things.

Supportive footwear and decent insoles (a £100 pair of walking boots comes with a 50p insole usually) solves a lot of foot problems of whatever flavour.

I have an over-pronation problem and lots of subsequent joint alignment issues.

Try not to worry, it’s prolly un-related to the BC thing.

This sounds very much like plantar fascitis. My mother gets it but she calls it ‘Plantagenet foot’ for some unknown reason.
Go see your GP. You will most likely be given anti-imflammatories and a lecture on footwear. Ninja’s right, flip-flops make it worse, due to lack of support in the sole of the foot.

Liz, quite a few of us have had various problems with our heels following chemo! Mine turned out to be an achilles problem with pain going down to the heel. Others have had plantar fascitis.

As Ninja says, flipflops are probably not good as they are so flat. Ideally, you want something very supportive with a low heel. Probably best to get a diagnosis before selecting footwear. Things like Fitflops I understand are great for plantar fascitis but made my achilles problem worse. another option is something like Ecco shoes or sandals which give you some arch support too.

take care, elinda x

Elinda, my over-pronation caused Achilles tendonitis some years ago - I had knobbly nodules on my ATs and could hardly walk in the mornings.

I can’t wear Ecco shoes; their inner toe moulding doesn’t match the one in my foot.

I wrote an article about how I resolved it. I can’t provide a link on here as it is written in my real name but I will do so privately if anyone wants to PM me.

Thanks Ninja, I’ll PM you later, would love to know more! Elinda x

hi ladies,

thanks for the advice, something else to contend with lol,
i will go and see gp and stop wearing the flip flops,

all the best liz xxx