pain in neck.

Hi ,
Just wondered i am day 10 of my first chemo and just starting to slow down i have tried to carry on as normal up to now as havent suffered too bad.
Has anybody else had pain in their necks with chemo as i really seem to be suffering at the moment funnily enough been sat with the laptop seems to make it even worse. Took one lot of painkillers this aft and they worked so might just get some more.Hope someone can give me some advice would be really grateful.
Love Sharon x
p.s i am on EC chemo.


hi lisha i got an achey neck on fec/t and still get it on and off if in certain position and can give me headaches too, i use a warmed wheat bag if it gets bad x
also between shoulders too x

Thanks for bumping this Lorna.
Thanks fairyqueen its good to know sometimes wether your symptoms are normal or not.
Love Sharon x