Pain in one breast

I have pain in my left breast.  I have checked and can’t feel a lump but have tried to locate where the pain is coming from. It appears to be from around/near my nipple. I’ve never had ongoing pain/ache before ( now in my 40s). The pain feels like a tingly sensation and hurts if pressure placed in the area. 


Any pain that is causing you concern warrents a trip to the GP. It will put your mind at ease as it is very likely not to be sinister. In my case I  had a couple of menstrual cycles where I had a throbbing pain in my breast but I couldn’t feel a lump as described on many breast aware literature and most advice is breast cancer doesn’t cause pain. My GP and I both thought it was likely to be hormonal and I took inflammation tablets to see if it settled for a month which it didn’t and I was referred to the breast clinic on a 2 week referral. Like the majority of members on these boards I am one of the small percentage of referrals that do end up needing treatment for Breast Cancer- but if caught in time it is very treatable.

Try and get some rest and give the GP a call on Monday. Let them decide /make that judgment and then hopefully you can update with good news and be worry free.


Mangomum xx

As mangomum already said, worth checking.
But don’t panic and try to stay calm. 
I also had pains, with no lump to be found, even on the mammo it wasn’t easy to be sure.  I was absolutely convinced that it would just turn out to be nothing, I’d had a mammogram only 9 months previously and prior to that had had a cyst drained. No chemo or RT required, just Tamoxifen (and was borderline for that - choice was left to me, but so far no side effects!).

Fingers crossed, hope everything will be fine!


I have exactly the same symptoms. I went to the doctor last week and she said I have thickened tissue. I am waiting for an appointment with the breast clinic

Hope all ok