Pain in ovary area

Pain in ovary area

Pain in ovary area Has anyone experienced a pain in the ovary area, I have been getting pains for the last three weeks, its like the pain I had when I was ovulating, but I haven’t had a period since half way through chemo last November. Its only on one side, I have made an Doc appt for next Friday but need my mind putting to rest before then. Not sure if to blame in on the tamoxifen as I put everything else down to the medication.

Hope someone can help

Clare (S)

Hi Clare,

yes I also have pain in my “ovary area” I am also on tamoxifen and also monthly zoladex injection. I have not had a period since November 2005 but regularly have these paiins and when these pains start it certainly feels like period pains !! Hope this helps.

Best wishes, Lorri xx

Interesting post this as i have had pain in that area for some time. I also have back pain. I know its not secondaries but the only way i could describe it to Gp was a labour pain (all mine was back pain) 3 pregnancies.

I am just wondering what tamoxifen actually does to me, do they really know??

I go to see a gyneocologist July maybe i will ask for removal of ovaries and womb.Other breast end of year then if i get secondaries i am so unlucky i have at least got rid of possible regions where i could have them cant get rid of me bones and vital organs.

Let me know how you feel hope the pain subsides.


Yes I have pain, but only since being switched from tamoxifen to femera 3 weeks ago.

My hysterectomy was 10 years ago, kept my ovaries.
After recent local recurrence my hormone was changed and blood test has come back showing I’m post menopausal. It’s my right ovary that aches,
Love Jackie

hi all I have had pains in 1 ovary for the past 12 years on and off. Swabs were taken and other stuff and was told it was a harmless cyst which occasionally twists at ovulation. Have not really suffered with it much for the last couple of years - assumed it was menopausal stuff kicking in - but since I have been taking tamoxifen it has reappeared with a vengeance!

Am assuming its all to do with ovaries/oestrogen etc and hopefully indicates that the tamox is doing its job. Was going to mention it when I next see onc but it isnt as bad now as when I first started to take the tablets 6 months ago.


& me Hiya ladies,

Just to make this subject more confusing, Im having the same problems. However, im not taking Tamoxifen and I continued to have periods throughout my treatment! It has only happened the last two cycles and has been at the time of ovulation but it has been really painful. Starts out like period pains and then gets worse and more like a stabbing pain.

Was thinking about getting it checked out but thought i was probably being a bit over the top. “Not every ache and pain is a recurrence” is what i would have expected from my GP so didnt think it would be worth going but perhaps I might if it happens again.

For those who do get it checked out, please keep us posted.

Ju x

Thanks Dear All

Thanks for all your replies, its nice to know I’m not the only one! I will still go to the GP on Friday and mention on my next onc appt, but it sounds like the tamoxifen “doing its stuff” again. Its difficult not to think every ache and pain in not something more sinister but I am sure in time this will fade a little in time.

Thanks again


Ovary Pain Getting Checked I have had the ovary region pain that you mentioned. Have had it for about 6-7 weeks. Had my bladder checked for an infection - all clear, so they are sending me for an abdominal and transvaginal ultrasound.
I go this Friday (1 June), I will let you know the results. I am so reassured that others who are on Tamoxifen seem to have the pain, my doctor was unsure if the Tamox. could have caused it.
Best of luck to all of you.
Lots of love

I had pain in my ovaries like they were about to explode and had it checked by GP it turned out to be a period the first since October and it was the worst period of my life.

I started getting them again in March and I am taking Tamoxifen. My Oncologist says it is a good sign as my fertility could well have returned to normal after chemotherapy etc.

Sherryll xxx

All normal Had the ultrasound yesterday and my ovaries are normal. Perhaps it is the tamoxifen or maybe my ovaries are trying to reassert themselves as I am pre-menopausal.
Anyway, hope the news is reassuring for you all.
Lots of love

Dear All

Thanks for all your replies, went to the GP yesterday and he’s sending me for gynae consultation as he was unsure of what it was, I’m sure its nothing but best to get checked out. Will see the gynae con on 2nd July so not to long to wait.