Pain in rib same side as cancer

Hi. I don’t know if I am just being paranoid, which is why I thought I would ask on here and not bother thr breast care nurse if I am just being over sensitive.

I had a WLE, sentinel node removal and radiotherapy and now in Tamoxifen. For the last 3 weeks or so, I have been very tender just under my left breast on the rib. Thr pain does come and go and has rely flared up again. When it is bad, my bra band (non wired) can be really uncomfortable. 

Is this just a side effect from treatment? Maybe related to the radiotherapy. 

Would love to hear from anyone who has had the same. 

Thanks, Lisa x


It does sound very much like the after effects of radiotherapy. Sometimes it comes on months later, sometimes a few weeks. I still have pain three years on and have given up wearing a bra, they are so painful. My GP prescribes Pregabalin for the neuropathic pain in the remaining breast muscle and ribs and it helps a bit. Other possibilities are amitriptyline, the most effective I found, and Gabapentin. However, it would be wise to ring your breast care nurses’ service (they are there for you indefinitely) and see what they say. They may suggest a check up for everyone’s peace of mind. Only someone with medical experience should diagnose for you - I’m just saying it sounds remarkably familiar so I shouldn’t worry, just get it checked xx