pain in rib, scared of bone mets

Hi, this is the first time that i have posted on this site, although have been reading other posts for the past 6 months since dx.

Dx April this year, had 6 x chemo, mast, 6/21 nodes involved, due 3 weeks of rads starting 10th nov. Ovaries to be removed 8th Dec, currently on Zolodex injections once a month, have already started taking Femara, and will need a year on Herceptin which will start after rads. Im 36.

My query at the moment is that I have niggling area at the bottom of my ribs at the back (feels more like bruising than pain) I am very aware of it but not in pain. I had a clear bone scan back in April but I am so scared now that it might be in my bones. I have spoken to my onc and she has requested a bone scan for me saying that it could be one of many things but a persistant niggle should be checked out after bc dx. The area is not on the same side as mast. I dont really know what I expect anyone to come back and say on here, but if anyone has got anything to add I would appreciate other peoples views/oppinions on this.


hi Ness

I have a niggly rib pain at the bottom front left side which is not my mastectomy side. I’ve had it for about a year and also had a bone scan in May,nothing seen. I now have another rib pain just under my scar which has been ultrasounded and thought to be in the cartilage space. But, sometimes I can’t feel the niggles at all and other times it seems to ‘flare up’. Have told the Onc its still there but he doesn’t take much notice. My CA153 was normal in May. I am seeing him tomorrow and will try to request another CA135, as this tumour marker can indicate active cancer cells.

There seems to be a lot of people on here with various types of rib pain, not all of it bad news. I think without ovaries and wear and tear its easy to get aches and pains. I also have aches in feet, hands etc.:slight_smile:


Hi Grace
Thanks for that reply. Other people have told me that every ache and pain I get for quite a few months, even years after, I will think that the cancer has spread! Hopfully this is all in my overactive mind! I have appointment thro for 13th november so all we be clarified after that. Have to go and have another nasty, nasty Zolodex injection in half an hour - that is certainly taking my mind off rib pain!

By the way what is CA153? Is is something I should be aware of?

I’ve had rib pain for 4 months and if its not painful, it feels like a fist being pushed into my ribs. I’ve been harping onto the Drs about this pain/ache/discomfort, and have had scans and xrays, and a bone scan in June all of which were clear.

They’ve now said the pain is neurological so I’ve been given some tablets which is given to people who have had shingles, or diabetics who have pain with neuropathy. The tablets are called Lyrica, I’ve been on them for 3 days and I think the pain is decreasing a bit.

Hope that might reassure you. CA 15-3 is the blood tumour marker for breast cancer.

Good luck