Pain in ribs and breast six months after lumpectomy

Has anyone else had pain that has come and gone after lumpectomy and radiation? A week or so ago my breast has got a bit more painful And my ribs hurt. I thought it would all just die down over time this feels like it has flared up again. Should i just give it a few days or speak to nurse asap? Trying not to get anxious about it

Hi, Yes I had a lot of flare ups like that in the first year after treatment, ribs would be really painful at times and I still get it occasionally 3 years on. Its hard not to worry and of course get yourself checked out for peace of mind but it all sounds normal to me Xx Jo 

Thanks that has calmed me down a bit! X

I’m six months since surgery too and occasionally get the odd shooting or stabbing pain in my treated boob and underneath in My rib. I think this is normal so please try not to worry. Sound advice if it continues to get it checked out wishes ??

I to get bad rib pain, i get it under the affected breast, I had a scan and it came back normal but now the pain has gone to the side of my breasts on the ribs as well again i am worried, I had a CT scan when it was under my breast so i am presuming it covers the torso as well and would have picked up anything on the side.

I seem to spend a lot of time worrying about every little ache and pain now.

I too am getting sore ribs, more so lower down. I had a bilateral mastectomy and no recon. Radiotherapy to left side at Genesis care. Both ribs hurts. In fact the right one hurts more. Had a ct scan and all clear. Is this normal?