Pain in ribs?

I’ve developed a very painful area in my ribs, it’s sore to the touch but I haven’t bashed myself and there isn’t a bruise there.

I’m not going to start over-reacting about it as there could be something very simple to explain it…I am halfway through 6 FEC’s, could this be a side effect of it?

Paula xx

Hi Paula

Do you have neulasta injections after each cycle of chemo? I do and the main side effect is very painful areas in my ribs. My onc says its to do with the the bone marrow being boosted.

Just a thought???

Viv x

Hiya Viv,

No I am not having those. Luckily I my count has gone back up nicely after each dose.

Paula xx

Hi Paula, I would mention it to your GP or Onc and let them have a look. Its hard not to let your mind go into overdrive about what it could be and it could put your mind at rest to have it checked out. If they are worried they will give you a bone scan or CT scan to have a closer look - if you are anything like me, I would rather investigate than not - I have been back with another breast lump and it turned out to be deep scar tissue from the WLE - the hospital were fine and said I did right to check it out, hope this helps a little, Good luck with the rest of the chemo - halfway is a good place to be! Debbie x

Hi Paula,

Have you ever had an injury to that area in the past?
I just wondered as I also had FEC and devolped a painful area in my ribs. At first I was so terrified that the bc had spread that I couldn’t bring myself to tell anyone, but when I went for my 5th session and the nurse asked how I was doing I just broke down and told them how scared I was about the pain. They told me that chemo can aggravate old injuries. When I’d had the biopsy done a few weeks before they had to try several times to get a good sample and on the last one unfortunately hit a nerve, they thought that probably the chemo was just aggravating the nerve damage, however they booked me in for a bone scan which thankfully showed no secondaries. I slept very well that night!
As Debbie says you should tell your onc and see if they can get a scan done, if only to reassure you, but hopefully your problem, like mine will have a simple explanation!
Good luck, and wishing you well.
Love Esme xx

Hiya, no have never injured that area. Will maybe just give the onc a call tomorrow and just mention it.

Will keep you posted.

Paula xx

Just an update =)

The hospital are arranging for me to have an xray / scan either Monday or Tuesday next week. Fingers crossed it nothing sinister! xx

Hi Paula,
Just to share but I developed a very acute pain in one very specific spot under my breast area (had mx 12 weeks ago) exactly 6 weeks after surgery. It was very sudden and was really awful at night,not when upright and I used to cry with the pain! I have had to endure other pains after surgery but this was something else!!!
Took me ages to convince my BCN it was serious and after x-rays and various other tests ‘they’ have decided it must be damage to an inter-costal muscle. (Sorry have no idea about spelling!)
Lived on pain killers these last weeks but it is now less intense, thank the LORD!!!

Just wondered if this threw some light on your pain?
I was convinced they’d find a broken rib but x-ray came back fine!

Really sorry you’re suffering in this way. Glad they’re looking into it for you. Let me know how you get on.
Fingers crossed they establish the cause as it is so worrying when they can’t diagnose what is wrong.

Best wishes Welsh girl x

PS Wearing a bra is agony as elastic underband seems to really activate pain. Had to ditch mine for a crop top!!! Does any of this resonate with you?