Pain in right arm and slight swelling

Pain in right arm and slight swelling

Pain in right arm and slight swelling Hi I am one year post RT Mastectomy and in hte last two weeks have developed pain and slight swelling in the RT arm. Am unsure what to do, except to wait another week when I have an appointment with oncologist. Any suggestions.

Sorry fo posting it again obviously do not have a pin in Rt arm, just pain.
Many thanks

Hi JayRay Have you used that arm excessively recently [i.e. heavy gardening or lifting] as it may be that you have a touch of lymphodema or hopefully just a twisted/pulled muscle.

I know that if I strain my arm through carrying too much shopping I end up with swelling and pain just at the top where the collar bone is but it usually goes again after about 2-3 weeks.

My inclination would be that as you are due to see your Onc next week it may be OK to wait and mention to him but if you are really concerned then make an appointment with your GP first and get it checked, then depending on the outcome you can raise it with the Onc or not.

Hope it is nothing to worry about and let us know how you get on.


Anyone on Arimidex had High Blood Sugar levels I have been on Arimidex for about 8 months now and following recent cholestral blood test I have immediately been called back for further tests due to high blood sugar count.

Wondered if anyone else had had anything like this or am I now also heading towards diabetes [grandmother had this].

Think I am just getting very fed up at present with this BC, got the mouldy toenails and disappearing eyebrows despite no chemo and now blood problems - obviously just falling apart at a rapid rate since dx :))


JayRay Hi Jayray, have you cut yourself at all on that side even a tiny scratch? Are there any signs of infection such as hotness,swelling or redness, a red line tracking up the arm? A couple of months ago about 16 months post surgery I had just a silly little scratch that did’nt even bleed on the tip of my finger, this caused an infection which took until beginning of January to clear up after 2 lots of antibiotics. I was worried at the time it was the beginning of lympodeama but hopefully it’s sorted. If you think it’s an infection see your G.P. because the sooner you start antibiotics the better. Actually perhaps you should see your G.P before your onc. appt. anyway. that’s what they’re there for most of us worry about wasting doctors time but we should’nt. Go and make an appointment. Good luck Kimxx

Oops Sorry Meant to make new posting with Blood Sugar, sorry, clicked on wrong item.


— Hi JayRay,
I had a pain in my arm while playing badminton in November. My arm then started to swell. I was seen by my breast surgeon who confirmed there was nothing suspicious and told me i had lymphoedema. I went to my GP who referred me to Lymphoedema clinic. After a long wait i was seen last week and have been wearing a compression sleeve and doing a special massage ever since. The swelling has started to go down.

I must admit, i’d forgotten how painful my arm was when the swelling first started but the pain reduced although the swelling didn’t. I know that lymphoedema can happen at anytime months or years after treatment . It sounds like you may have what i had.


Lymphodema Hi

Many thanks for your replies, after speeking to breast care nurse it appears that I have lymphodema. Am seeing her on Thursday for confirmation.

— Hi Jayray
I’d be interested to know what treatment you are offered on Thursday and how it goes to compare with my own experience.
Best wishes

–Hi there —
Is it not advisable to play badminton then? I just started playing 3 times a week.

Love and hugs joycee x

Joycee I started playing badminton in September after i finished RT. I started very gradually but eventually started running. I had no problem until a coach was showing us how to increase the power of our shots by using a flick action. I think this may have triggered my lymphoedema and my surgeon said i wasn’t to play it until the swelling went. I’ve still got swelling but i think i might give it a try and just hit the shuttle with little force. I really miss the exercise.

swelling i played a few holes of golf back in Nov post surgery , three hours later my whole arm swelled and went blue and i had developed a clot in my arm - so get it seen to.

lympheodema Hi there,
I developed breast lymphoedema last October. I diagnosed myself as neither plastic surgeon or GP knew what they were looking at. I found a Lymphoedema Clinic relatively nearby and asked GP to refer, which he was happy to do. These services seem to be poorly provided on the NHS and I go to a hospice run by a charity. I was seen after 6 week wait and diagnosis confirmed. Treatment is a pressure garment (a very sexy-not bra type vest top), Simple Lymphatic Drainage (form of gentle massage I have been taught to do daily), kinesoetaping, and looking after my skin.

I attended a talk from an Aussie Lymphologist, Professor Neil Pillar which was a great help and bought a book let for patients which you can get via the clinics website at

A quote from his site
 For people who have already developed lymphoedema, there are many strategies to reduce its severity. Unfortunately these are not commonly known or available to the patients or practitioners who need to know of them.
Education and awareness is the most important weapon against lymphoedemas. Health professionals and patients can make a difference when provided with the appropriate knowledge.

At the weekend I developed swelling and pain in may arm. A mottled rash was apparent yesterday and the clinic diagnosed cellulitis, an inflammation of the skin and underlying tissues which folk with lymphoedema are more prone to. The symptoms are slightly different in each person with lymphoedema, but tend to be pain, increased swelling and erythema (redness or a rash)…you can also feel flu like symptoms. You must get to see your GP urgently as if you have this will need antibiotics asap. I have antibiotics in case it appears at a weekend or if I am on away on holiday. The Lymphoedema Support Network and British Lymphology Society have an excellent sheet of advice for GPs and hospitals in treating this. I carry this in my bag in case of emergency and took it to my GP today who was pleased to action in accordance with the recommendations.

It is good to know that we can influence its progression and learn how to keep this at bay ourselves. We do need access to a specialist clinic although we don’t seem to have anything like the service offered in the Australian Clinic. Perhaps this is something we should be asking our MP etc about!!!

What are services like in your area? I am in the west of Scotland.