Pain in scar after 2yrs

Hi there, triple positive diagnosis Feb 2020. TCHP, wide excision lumpectomy, radio, 8mth Kadcyla. 
I have had the odd pain which has recently become more regular. It feels like someone is taking my scar by 2 hands and twisting it. This takes me by surprise.

Is this normal? Does anyone else get this and any suggestions to help.

Thank you!


Hi ClaireB

No, I don’t think it “normal”, two years later, flower.

I’m wondering if you may have developed what are called “adhesions”, where fibrous tissue can develop around scar tissue. So called, because the surrounding and overlying tissues “adhere” to it. Whether that may be causing a “pulling” or “pinching” and causing the discomfort. If it IS, it can often be helped and sorted, by manual massage, to free or release the tissues, which are basically “sticking” to each other. 

I’m hoping that’s all it is. Have you yet spoken to anyone about it, and had it looked at?? If it were me, I would do.

Good luck with it. Will you please post back to let us know how you go on.

Lotsa lovey-dovey to you,  Dellypoos   XX     


Just came on here to do a search and found yours.I had a lumpectomy in Aug 2021, plus chemo, radiotherapy.

I haven’t got pain as such but my boob just feels generally uncomfortable. It feels quite lumpy, swollen and heavy. I check it every  month but it’s always felt strange. Examination by my surgeon and recent mammogram all say everything is fine. 

But it just feels uncomfortable. When will,it ever end.