pain in the arms

pain in the arms

pain in the arms I hope somebody can reassure me. I had my last chemo’ November 2 2005 and my last rads on Jan 24. Since then I have had pains in my upper arms (both muscles and joints) and limited movement in both arms, for instance, getting dressed is a bit tricky. My doctor tested me for rheumatoid arthritis but this came back clear and I’m now taking antiinflammatories which don’t seem to be helping. Anybody else come across this and if so how long does it last?

Response pain in arms Hi otter

just wanted to say that I am only half way thru my chemo and am also having pains in my upper arms and joints. It’s odd but the pain seems the same on both sides even though my mastectomy was on my left. It might help you to know that because of these and other pains I had bone scan last week which was clear - no reason given for the pains by doctors. I know you might not feel like doing it but I was shown an excercise with the inside of a wrapping paper roll which seems to help - you lay on floor, hold the roll over your tummy with both hands and move it up towards the ceiling as far as you can. Understand you might not be able to do this because of the pain but it might be worth a gentle try if you can.

— —Are you on Arimadex or Letrazole? Both give you the wretched aches to start with.

— Hi Dilly
No I’m not on Arimadex or Letrazole nor did I have a masectomy, I had a WLE and I’m on Tamoxifen.
Anyway, last night there was a tremendous crack and pain in my upper left arm (had op’ on the right side!!) and this morning, although I still have limited movement and still get pain in certain positions, things seem a little easier. Hope the trend continues and I will try that exercise. Many thanks for your replies and hope all goes well with you