Pain in the Neck

Hi Girls,

I quite literally mean a Pain in the Neck i woke up about 4 weeks a go and thought i had creaked my neck must have been sleeping funny or something, thought it would disappear in time but has never really completely gone. Seems to be fine in the daytime when i have been moving around etc but get up in the morning and its stiff as a board again.

I am now getting quite worried and yes the mind is working overtime.

Not sure if i should go to the GP or not seem to scared of what he may say.

What do you think Girls out there

Any Comments would be appreciated


Hello Jan

I have been suffering exactly the same symptoms as you ever since my treatment finished in April. Just like you I feared the worse but eventually went to see my GP who arranged an x-ray which came back as general wear and tear and was eventually diagnosed as osteo-arthritis and I am now waiting for some physiotherapy. Perhaps it would be wise to see your GP to check it out for you and hopefully this will put your mind at rest.

Hope this helps.