Pain is temporary...........

…but it dosent feel like it right now.

I am deep in chemoland. Had my 4th round of TAX last Wednesday, and my god its hit me this time!

I have 2 more TAX to go, then 4 weeks of Rads later on. Is anyone else at the same stage as me?

Needing some positive vibes please.


which month did you start chemo in as there are forums on here specifically for when people started chemo…I am in the “January” one,it is very useful as you can chat to people who are at the same stage and sometimes the same combination of chemo drugs.
Emma xx

Hi reebadij

I had 6 x Tax 4 years ago. It is hard going (most ladies have only 3 as part of FEC/T treatment) but it IS doable. I think that each treatment seems to have its own effects and they can be different from one to another. Mine was worst with the first and the last - after the first i could easily have given up - but it IS worth carrying on. You’ve really broken the back of it now - only 2 more to go - and if you had a bad time with the last one i suggest that you tell your onc and also the chemo unit, as they will probably be able to give you meds or recommend a way of dealing with whatever it was that caused the problem this time. You don’t say what was particularly bad this time, but the worst for me was when it gave me horrendous back pain that could not be lifted at all - but I did eventually find a way of warding it off and that helped.

And yes, it IS temporary, and you are nearly there now. Most people say (and i agree) that after the chemo the rads are a breeze. I had no problems at all with them.

Hope you feel better soon, take care , love Mo xx

Hi Reebadij

I’m at the same stage as you, just had my 4th tax and I’ve found this one has hit me hard too. My energy levels have just disappeared and somedays find it hard to put one foot in front of the other. Had 6 FEC with my primary but finding tax harder. Managed ok for the first 3 tax treatments but I am now day 11 post 4th tax and still finding it hard going. Even felt like giving it all up earlier in the week but now keep telling myself that I’m nearly at the end of it and it is doable (although secretly dreading 5th treatment!)
You will get there as I know I will but sometimes it’s so hard to stay positive and, speaking from past experience, you will find radiotherapy a doddle after being through chemo.
If you want to pm me at any time, please do so and we can exchange aches and pain notes!
Holding cyber hands with you.
Liz x

I was worst after tax3 as picked up a chest infection which took 2 lots of antibiotics to clear. I had to delay tax 4 for a week but am due for tax 5 next Thurs. Whether it was starting from a higher level after 4 cos of the antibitoics in my system, but it has been the easiest so far. I am slightly anxious about number 5 hitting me harder but keeping in mind that there is only one more after. Beginning to think about planning a get away break as it has been a long time! We are all different and I had nearly all the side effects with tax, but all (so far) were controlled with different tabs. Its the tiredness that hits so hard that is the worst. Keep on in there with only 4-5 weeks to go and think how far you/we have gone already. Rads are so much easier than chemo and do work. Love from Daisy

I finished 6x tax and carb 4 weeks ago and I still ache… Especially ankles and hand bones and also arm and leg muscles… It’s not excruciating just bloody annoying… I’ll be glad when I start feeling a bit more normal again.


Thank you everyone for your comments. I just feel totaly drained this time round; my first 3 I was more or less able to get on with my life, but wow! I have been hit by the chemo truck this time. I also feel really lazy, and I am sure people are thinking…“why dosent she do that herself” If it wasnt for my dogs, I dont think I would of got out of bed these last few days.

Liz, when is your number 5 treatment? Oh god, I am dreading it.

This really is my lowest point so far - I guess it dosent help that I have a stinking cold as well.

Grumble mumble mumble…

I am usualy such a positive person, but by golly this has stripped away my sense of humour this time.

Love to you all

Sharon xx

Hi Sharon

Hope you are feeling a bit better now and that your cold has cleared up, certainly doesn’t help things does it ?.

I am supposed to be having my next treatment next week on Friday but on Tuesday I developed a nasty ‘barking’ cough which has laid me low. Think it’s starting to break now and OH says if I’m not better tomorrow then he’s phoning the hospital. Keep putting it off as worried they might take me in but won’t have any choice tomorrow if still poorly. Friends and family keep telling me there’s a lot of it around but having chemo makes it more worrying. Hopefully, it’s just a blip that I’m going through but will now be glad to see the back of Tax.

Oh well, onwards and upwards!

Liz x