Pain management

Hi all,

I had a mini holiday to our friends in Spain for three days, the worst thing was managing the pain. I ended up with flannels that were frozen and applied to my shoulder, it got me through the worst of it, but at times I had break through pain. Has anyone any tips or suggestions that help when you have to move between locations and flight tips to share 


I’ve been having terrible sciatica pain the last week. Went to docs to ask about pain management and he said… Paracetamol always, don’t think it’s worthless it’s important.

then codeine, then morphine. I was nervous every about the morphine but boy does it work! It makes you a bit nauseous at first so you take anti sickness but in a few days your body gets used to it. 

He said to stay on it indefinitely… 

There is no point suffering from pain, it makes life so much harder to bear so I’d advise going to go and seeing what he says. I have stocks of it all so I can manage as he’s described in detail dosage etc.


sorry you’ve been suffering :frowning:

helen xxx

Hi Helen,

I’m currently on Co codimol, ibuprofen oralmorph and amatriptolyn and still I’m getting break through pain, although I have worn my sling today with some relief, sometimes it is so Un bearable I don’t know what to do but cry, when I went away I found myself getting more and more pain, mainly my neck and shoulders it’s still not controlled very well, I’m having chemo tomorrow and will have a chat with them as I’m being dragged down by all this and I usually have a sunny disposition 



Oh Blanna … how awful for you to be suffering so much and with such a cocktail of pain killers too. I would really push for some better pain relief as its sounds like the existing need updating.

At the moment I find my best friend is a hot water bottle on my hip but know in time I will have to move to the strong stuff !!

Hugs xx

Thanks all it really knocks me sideways, I’ve spent today not moving at all after getting my bloods done for fear of making everything worse, I’m waiting for it to settle and it never does, so a chat tomorrow is definitely in order 


Thanks all it really knocks me sideways, I’ve spent today not moving at all after getting my bloods done for fear of making everything worse, I’m waiting for it to settle and it never does, so a chat tomorrow is definitely in order 


Hi dawn.
How nice to c u posting.I was only thinking about u a few days ago. Glad to c u keeping up to date with the threads.
Hugs xx

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Blanna …ibruprufen is a good pain relief but can cause breathing probs and stomach probs too so best avoid it.
I took it for a few months last Sumner whilst I was moving house etc and then ended up taking Rennie tablets for the heartburn !!

I have to confess that I am taking ibuprofen just now!! (case of do as I say not as I do LOL) Besides all the prescription pain meds I take for the bone mets I am struggling with pain from ONJ so am taking paracetamol and if that doesn’t keep the pain at bay long enough I then take ibuprofen, trying to limit them to just 2 doses a day. What I hadn’t realised is that the dose on the info sheet states no more than 3 doses in 24 hrs so it always pays to read the info even when you think you know what it says. I’m feeling quite grumpy about the whole pain thing just now. The consultant at the max fax unit told me last time I saw him that if I had problems to ask to see him urgently. I was cheeky enough to ask him how difficult that was in his hospital (not my usual one), He said I should tell bookings that he (Mr.D.C) had said they were to give me urgent appt. It didn’t work - she is off sick so I am told - her voice mail box is full and I just keep getting sent round in a loop. Finally today they put me through to one of their team leaders - after speaking to her the line went dead (sound familiar to anyone) I called back via main appointments no. and after about 10mins got put through to same team leader again who apologised and said the on-call max fax doc was in the middle of something urgent and had asked her to get my phone no. so he could call me back. Did he? Nope. By then too late so I will be trying again tomorrow morning if they havent got back to me. If I don’t get anywhere what do you think I should do (answers on a postcard…) I think we will just turn up at the hospital and make a noise. My poor OH is recovering from having a G.A. and biopsies of his prostate but is willing to drive me to the hospital (going to tape his catheter bag to his leg so he doesn’t have to worry about finding a loo). I’m wondering if it is all the dope I am on that is making me quite laid back about all of this.




Oh dawn …what a nightmare for you and the hospitals are in overdrive with demands at the moment …I think u must just go but maybe you have someone else that can drive you as poor hubby doesn’t sound too good.
It’s a difficult one and you must be feeling so desperate and in pain.
All I can do is send you loads of hugs xxx

Dear Dawn

what an awful ordeal you are going through I do hope you have had some satisfaction today how can they offer urgent help and not give it to you when you need it. I think your face on approach was a good idea when the proticol of phoneing does not work. Do they not realise the pain we go through and the stress it can cause let alone them giving you added stress through thier uncompetence with not having a proper urgent phone link to Mr D.C.

No wonder you felt grumpy I think grumpy would be an understatement LIVID springs to mind. My H.O suffers with his bladder and I know he wants to drive soon after ops but it is not a good thing for them to do I do hope someone was able to help you out.


Sending you love and ((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))) xxx

Apologies - I have just spotted that I hadn’t come back on this thread. Thank you Carolyn & Marirose for your responses. The hospital did redeem itself - secretary of consultant got back to me that morning to apologise - the lady whose voicemail box I had left message in was sick and this one was standing in for her an worked part-time. I was asked if I would like to come into the trauma clinic that afternoon but bring a book lol! but I really wasn’t kept waiting at all and the doctor I saw was very thorough. Had another OPG (x-ray that goes right round your head taking an image of your face with all the teeth, jaw & soft tissue. My suspicions were right and I had another infection so I’m back on the antibiotics for 2wks. I had to almost laugh at pharmacist when I was waiting for the prescription to be processed. She said " oh is this right? You must have a very deepseated infection to need such strong abs and such a high dose". At least they do seem to get to work very quickly and within a couple of days the pain stopped. The doctor said the consultant wanted to see me in 2-3wks - and then said she had best come with me to make sure the receptionists didn’t say Can’t be done! which was brilliant - I didn’t have to do battle and they couldn’t have been more helpful. I think if (probably when) this happens again I will need to call them as soon as pain starts niggling because it always seems to lead to full-blown infection.

Trouble is no sooner dp you get rid of one problem than another one starts up :(. I’ve had a very sore elbow for many weeks and put it down to the fact that I have to use a rollator for support at home and it puts a lot of pressure on elbows & shoulders. But the last few days the pain has spread along my upper arm with pain in shoulder and lot of pins & needles in upper arm. This coming week is my week for chemo/zometa so on Tuesday I have to go for bloods and clinic and I will have another moan about this. Apart from doing an xray a few weeks ago and telling me maybe to see my GP about it I’m not getting anywhere. I need to be very sure that it is not cancer related before seeing my gp.


Blanna what news of yourself - has your pain got any easier? Sorry if you have posted somewhere else about this cos I could easily have missed it.


Sending hugs to all you lovely ladies xxxxx