Pain on sternum.

Hi iwas treated for breast cancer this year and was declared free of the disease. I’ve had several little niggles checked out since then, including a full bone scan in Sept. All fine.

Since Monday I’ve had a very sore point where my 2nd or 3rd rib joins the sternum, on the opposite side to my cancer breast. That day I did some decorating including a bit of furniture moving. I also have a bit of a chesty cold as do my 3 children.

So it’s very likely this pain is to do with one of those things and it sounds like costochondritis.

But for some reason unlike with the previous niggles this time it feels wrong. It hasn’t gotten any better and painkillers don’t help. My paranoid instincts are battling to remain rational.

I’m seeing the oncologist on Weds so will discuss it with her then. If she does anything I imagine there will be a scan so a few more days of waiting then some more for results. Hopefully it will have cleared up by then (actions like driving are painful so it’s getting in the way a bit).

But still. Tiny weeny bit scared.

Thanks for listening. Nothing needs saying.x

We all know how it feels ,every new ache and pain ,has it come back ,has it spread ,keeping everything crossed for you .