Pain post surgery

Surgery yesterday for lumpectomy on my left boob… Woke up at 4 am with the most horrendous pain in the chest, if I didn’t feel any better I would of thought it was my heart, had to come downstrairs to scream into a cushion. Only lasted a few minutes but horrible… Just had a kip on the sofa and the same thing happened. woke up in agony.  Is this normal? 

Are you taking regular analgesia …???



What were you given for pain Nicki? I was sent home with co-codamol and diclofenac which did the trick . Took each 4 hourly but staggered them so I was on an even keel with something every couple of hours . The same principle applies even if it’s just paracetamol and ibuprofen - don’t take it all at once and yo-yo in and out of your pain control . It’s only for a few days so remember … no awards for bravery !