Pain relief for liver pain

My wife has secondary breast cancer, in her liver, lymph nodes and bones. I feel very angry that advice wasn’t given after she was given the all clear after breast cancer of the risk of secondary breast cancer and what the symptoms are ( I now have a booklet listing the symptoms, but only saw this After the secondary breast cancer was diagnosed ) she had been getting various relevant  symptoms for over a year and the Doctor failed to consider SBC. This is an oversight by the NHS and needs resolving, to save lives.


my Wife is experience significant liver pain, she is on morphine patches , now 20 micro grams, but this does not help the liver pain. She was on a steroid for a month, then stopped when the prescription ended. Macmillan have now suggested resuming for a week or so, then slowly coming off…she tried naproxen @ 1000 mg dose, she took only half. This dose for One day only and suffered severe swelling of the face which was painful to touch and passed some blood. We stopped this med immediately.  She now has oral thrush, which was diagnosed by an ex nurse family member. So drugs for this have now been prescribed.


she is such a brave soul and I hate to see her suffer and in pain, need to find out how she can relieve the liver pain…I have read that there are procedures to kill the liver cancer tumours, by needle using heat, cold or alcohol, will talk to my wife’s breast care nurse tomorrow ( arranged a special appointment to discuss various problems ) to see if these treatments are available and viable.


getting a wheelchair next week to help her get about, took a while finding the right one, the Karma Flexx transit seems the best option.


Getting lots and lots of love and support from family and friends.


any ideas on help with her liver pain would be appreciated 




Sorry you havent had any replies or help yet.  I did type a reply on Wednesday but this new format of the forum lost my post, grrrr.  Since then I havent had any time to log back in and re type it.

Here goes (I’ll try and remember what I put and, btw, I do have liver mets so have some experience of them)

From what I have read/heard some liver pain can be caused by the membrane surrounding the liver getting stretched which is probably why your wife was on steroids as they tend to help.  I am not sure what other trearment she is on as you dont say but I would suggest she/you discuss her pain with her oncologist.  This might mean changing to a different treatment or starting one. As to other procedures these tend to be done if the circumstances of her liver disease is known. Too many lesions then certain things can’t be done and if they are too big then other procedures can’t be done, or if they are not accessible.  Your wife’s overall health, and current treatment plan would also need to be considered if any targetted procedures can be done.  I’m sorry I can’t help with anything else but I just wanted to reply with some information that you may, or may not find useful.

I hope she improves soon and please cpome back to ask any other questions or get further support.

Nicky x