Pain relief

I am 11 weeks post mx with strattice mesh implant recon, back at work 3 and a half weeks was doing ok almost off pain meds and then week ago pain and tenderness back and pain meds don’t touch it. Tried to get GP appt today and have to wait till 7th may. Cried all the way home tonight - what can I take that will help in the meantime, have emailed my surgeon but not heard back yet - can anyone help.? It’s burning pressure and stabbing pains so sharp they take your breath away, like the worst tooth ache but in your boob. Hurts to sleep on side again and wake every time I move, did absolutely nothing yesterday to see if it made a difference but it didn’t. Help!

Sorry to hear that and well what can I say about GP’s surgerys, they all seem to be the same.

I had a chest infection 2 days after my op and couldn’t get in for a week.   My husband then rang them after they had fobbed me off and got me an appointment that day.   Do you have someone who could ring the GP in the morning and demand you are seen straight away?    When we feel ill we tend to get fobbed off as we can’t fight back,


Failing that if you are too bad then you need to go to A & E.


Hope you get sorted soon


Jaye x

Hi Yvie178


as you were doing so well after your op and this has come on so suddenly I would go to A&E.


you cant wait over a week for pain meds. No one in your situation should be made to wait in agony without being able to do anything for the pain,  but even getting painkillers would not be enough for me.


I developed pain after WLI and left it. Ended up in A&E and  another op to clear an abscess.  Antibiotics would have cleared it if I had been able to see my GP.


you really need someone to see why the pain has developed so long after your op .


just my opinion.  I hope you get the help you need.


take care.








Hi Yvie178,

I am sure if you explain to your GPs surgery you have had operation and are woried about infection as have pain they should have a ‘duty doctor’ who is seeing urgent on the day things than can see you. If not book in with the practice nurse as if they re not sure they are likley to ask the doctor anyway. Failing that the GP out of hours or extended hours clinics should be able to give you an appointment. You should not need to go to A and E and have all the unpleasant waiting there. Do let us know how you got on; I work in a GP surgery so do have some understanding as to how it works.