Pain relief

Hi ladies , anyone know what pain relief you can take ( over counter ) when on ec ? It’s for the hippy / boney / achy / fluey days I get around days 5 /6 after treatments? Thankyou ??

Hi Val Beach

Is it the Filgrastim injections causing you pain? I was told it was ok to take paracetamol or ibuprofen. I always check my temp first though just in case. I’m a little obsessive with temp though as had neutropenic sepsis after first FEC. Dose was lowered and have been fine with cycles 2&3 however.

Nothing that would lower your temperature as that could mask a problem.

Hi Val

I took Arnica and drunk Tumeric latte with Almond milk when I was on EC last year. It really helped with the aches and pains of the chemo. 

Take care