silly question:
i have had a pain since yesterday i thought it would be gone this morning but its not
it feels like its in my lung same side as the cancer
painful when breathing in
really painful if i bend over the pain then shoots into my shoulder
seems to me nobody talks about pain until after surgery
is my imagination running wild or am i going mad

Hi Annie, I was diagnosed on 5 November and go on Tuesday 25 to meet the “team” and see if it’s going to be a mastectomy or lumpectomy followed by radiotherapy. Since I was diagnosed, I keep getting little pains under my armpit and in my boob. I think that it’s the waiting driving me mad perhaps we are imagining the pain as I hadn’t had any before the diagnosis!

If you feel unwell and have had a cold, perhaps it arises from there? Otherwise, to put your mind at rest, go and see your doctor. Do you know when your op is yet? Keep positive - I know how difficult it is, as do all the ladies on this site, but they are a wonderful support, as you will be to someone else later.
Take care

thanks Ann, i was diagnosed on wed and op is the 8th dec
pain is still there although painkillers are taking the edge off it
havn,t had a cold, never ill, untill now
dont want to bother doctor in case it is the cancer and theres nothing he can do,
plus the fact im off to Portugal on the 29th been booked for months its only a weeks holiday
but begining to wonder weather to go or not although when i mentioned it on wed they didn,t seem to object. i did,t have the pain then

Hi Annie, if there is no other reason that the pain may be there - then go and have a good holiday! Enjoy the break and build yourself up, it will be lovely to see something different, have a few drinks and a break from the shock. Enjoy!!!
Ann x

Hi i was dx in augs on my 3 chemo now i was like you had pain in my cancer side but when i asked about it they said it was due to the core biopsy not sure if you have had one of those and my right breast had shooting pains but always ask your bc nurse shes there to answer any worrys.
Good luck and take care