Hi everyone. I have searched around but can find no mention of pain in the lump for a BC dx. I have pain in the affected breast every day and one side of the lump is quite tender. The pain was worse after the biopsy for a few days. Has anyone else experienced pain?

Thx Fi x

funny you should say that but over the last couple of days I have had some shooting pains around my nibble. I was diagnosed with ductal cancer last week after a biopsy. The biopsy site is a bit tender but then I have got a huge bruise there. Jx


You are not alone!

I have constant pain behind my nipple and then the odd shooting pain to the back of my breast which makes me constantly aware so I can’t put it to the back of my mind - and also very difficult to sleep. I only got diagnosed yesterday, and really worried as I know some people don’t feel anything - even a lump - so the fact that there’s constant pain can let your mind run away with you as it feels quite aggressive and ominous.

I had an MRI scan today, so will know more soon - but was panicing about the pain - so it is good to know we are not alone with the pain.


Quick one.

Having a biopsy can leave you with stabbing pains for several weeks, and of course you’ll be ultra-conscious of the slightest twinge that you might have just dismissed before all this. The bruises can be pretty spectacular too. Thinking about it, you’ve been stabbed in your boob, so it’s GOING to hurt! It’s not fun, but it’s not abnormal either. And it does fade, like the bruises.

Hi, I to had pain after biopsy but not constant more stabbing from deep within. Now 7weeks after lump and ducts still get occassional pain in breast guess its nerves mending. armpit still sore if overworked like sandpaper rubbing but bearable. Still doing the exercises. Take care Chris xx