Hi, I am due to have my mammogram on wednedsay( my birthday) due to finding a lump and servere pain in my breast, first time I’ve had a mammogram and frightened to death,

Today my glands in my neck are up and hurt, but only on one side though, keep getting a strong sharp pain in my breastbone, only a quick pain then it’s gone, I think I am imagining pain and symptoms now!!

Are we all like this or am I just being paranoid ? Thank u ?

No that’s pefectly normal. Once you suspect you might have the big C, you get all sorts of aches and pains. It’s most likely because you are all tensed up stressing about it.


Exactly the same happened with me, and I convinced myself that my body was riddled with it. However, when they diagnosed it, it was confined to my left breast and the lymph nodes in my left armpit - nowhere else. I’ve since had chemo and a full mastectomy and axillary node clearance, and it’s all gone. Just planning to have radiotherapy now, and then hormone treatment. 


I know it’s a difficult time, but please try and be positive. You’ll find out soon enough whether or not it is anything to worry about, and if it is, they’ll cure you like they cured me. I bet those other pains soon go away too! x


I have recently been diagnosed with grade 3 breast cancer. One of my symptoms was severe breast pain as well as finding a lump and also breast bone pain. I had a bone scan which revealed nothing - as soon as I’d had my surgery - lumpectomy my chest bone pain disappeared. You may be absolutely fine and it will all have been nothing to worry about but I would recommend you prepare yourself for the unexpected - if it is unfortunate news if you are mentally prepared it will help you deal with the situation.

The mammogram is quite uncomfortable but it’s not too bad. In the event that it is bad news you may find yourself returning here for invaluable support and advice - don’t ever think that your questions are silly questions - if it’s a question then it needs an answer! Again, if it is bad news - a positive approach is half the battle won. Best of luck, I hope you don’t have to return here at a later date. Xxxx