Painful armpit and bit of a nipple problem

SO pleased I’ve found this site.
I went to GP Monday have appointment Friday - bit like all others I’m reading don’t know how I feel.
I went to see GP few weeks ago becasue my left nipple was tilting in a bit on one side, I had a breast reduction 8 years ago, but had put a bit of weight on and he said could be the scar? so decided to lose weight and get back to normal size. BUT now I have a painful armpit and a lump on side of breast I think. And I’ve been taking HRT fro 12 years due to hysterectomy age 35, have only been on one tablet every 3 days for 2 two years and before that 1 every other day for couple years, but was told not to come of it. Well I’m off it now and await the sweats!!
Only told hubby, best friend and line manager couldn’t cope with telling anyone else.
I’m dreading Friday - what can I expect? GP said I need a scan? can they tell by that? Friend said I might have a biopsy. Do they do it all there and then?
Questions, questions - my mind is going scatty I’m having stupid conversations in my head. If haven’t got cancer will have schizophenia!!!
Thanks for listening

so sit down…
have a glass of wine… a cig?

i don’t know… your experience is differnt from mine except for a funny nipple. whatever it is, it will be do-able. Most are normal and ordinary things

i am on the cancer train but if you have to do this i promise you it is not the end of the world.

not knowing is sooooo hard - i remember.

Be gentle to yourself


Haven’t got wine tonight but sure will have tomorrow.
I know so many women (and men) have been in my shoes and it does help knowing I’m not alone and if things turn out bad it’s nice to know I’v got people to turn to.


i too had a reduction, mine about 8 yrs ago, just over a year later i was conviced i felt lumps that wasn’t right, so my gp sent me to have a mammogram which i waited about 2 months for. All turned out well, it was just tissue scarring. So when i felt a lump this time round i didn’t take much notice, but then the what if’s kicked in, now 6 days after seeing the doc i too am going to see the specialist tomorrow morning. Hopefully yours will be scarring and tenderness from hrt, but i wish you the best of luck, please let us know how you get on.

Gaenor xx

Thanks for sharing your reducation story Gaenor - pleased all was well.
Been to hospital today. Specialist said that left one did feel different to the right one but he didn’t examine my armpit - which feels fuuny. He did think my ‘funny’ nipple could be the reduction but wasn’t sure. Then had a mammogram (ouch that is one uncomfortable experience). I’m not done yet I have to go for an ultrasound on Wednesday morning.
Roll on Wednesday.

Got the all clear - had ultrasound today. Going to call m back in a year to look at reduction scar sadi it was thick( ?) whatever that means but no nasty lumps and bumps.
Thanks for listening over the past week and hope all goes well for everyone

Congratulations Diane xx

Am delighted to hear that you got the all clear.