Painful breast 9 weeks post radiotherapy


I was wondering if anyone has experienced pain and tenderness in the breast 9 weeks after radiotherapy?

I thought I had finished with the discomfort after I had terrible desquamation 2 weeks after I stopped radiotherapy.

However a couple of weeks ago I started getting shooting pains and now my whole breast is so tender inside and painful.

Obvious paranoia sets in and I’m worried the cancer has returned.

Rang hospital yesterday and they just said to take pain relief.

Anyone out there help or experience the same? 

Hi Nat, so sorry to hear that you’re is so much discomfort, when your feeling so low to be told to just take pain relief is not good enough. Please call your breast care team ASAP or call the breast team on this forum they are so helpful and caring . Unfortunately I have had breast pain since March from radiotherapy, have been told it will get better (some days are more uncomfortable than other).

Wishing you well. Hugs Tili