Painful breast

I am almost 5 yrs since having a lumpectomy in my right breast. Last friday I experienced excruatiating pain in this breast, like a burning sensation, was out xmas shopping, had to come home remove my bra as it was so painful. All week the area has been extremely tender and today the pain is back with a vengeance. goin to see my gp tomorrow but obviously worried sick, my mind is in overdrive, just wonder if anyone has had anything similar.

maximise, sorry i can’t help you but just wanted to say hope all goes well. I know how it feels to be frightened about the unknown. Your doing the right thing going to get it checked out and hopefully it will be nothing serious and can be sorted quickly. Keeping fingers crossed for you, luv pauline x

Hi maximise, Sorry I cannot help either but you are doing the right thing by arranging to see your GP. We will be here for you when you know more. Your Gp will hopefully refer you back to the hospital to have you checked out by a specialist. Keep in touch after tomorrows meeting, love Val

Hello maximise
sorry, I haven’t experienced what you describe, but wanted to add my support to the others
hope things go well with you - please keep in touch
xxx monica

thanks girls, i will let you know how i get on. Knowing my local gp i will be fobbed off as usual, he is a dinosaur, who i think doesnt always take into account i have had breast cancer. i do have the oncoligist on the 19.01.10 but couldnt cope with the pain until then. My mind is racing tonight.


Hi Maximise, If you have any problem with your GP, phone the Breast Calre Nurse at the hospital you attended nd tell her your problem. Hopefully it will be nothing but it would be wise to get it checked out because of your medical history. Hope all goes well. Love Va

Depending how bad the pain is, you could always by-pass the GP and take yourself to the hospital tonight? or nhs walk-in centre whatever there is in your area. [um, Probably not a lot on a sunday night between two bank-holidays. :(] Is nhs-direct any use?

yes if i feel i am being fobbed off tomorrow i will call my BCN
pain is now bearable although the whole breast is very tender and surrounding area, also breast looks like it has shrunk. hubby says i have been a martyr this week and should have checked this out last week as pain was unbearable but probably burying my head in the sand as i do.
thanks again x

It won’t do any harm to get it checked out if it is okay then great if not then you will be quick to get something done, i hate to say it, pain in the breast is something i have experienced with my dx in the past, but as you know everyone is different.
When i have had a problem in the past i have just by-passed my gp and phoned my BCN and she has got me an appointment right away, so i would say BCN is a good idea.
Hope you get sorted quick to put your mind at rest.

As the others have said, try and contact your BCN nurse or GP. I keep getting burning pain and aching pains in my breast at the moment, but not a surprise as I have anywhere up to 8 lesions in there! Put your mind at rest and hopefully you will get the all clear.

Paula x



just to say, visited gp yesterday and not unsurprisingly never even looked or checked my breast out. He put it down to a bad cough i have had recently which i have had, also i have had very severe heartburn also, just been totally out of sorts for some time now, which i did tell him. Left with gaviscon and a prescribed cough mixture, nothing to help pain in breast !!!
Anyway had left a message with my BCN who called me this morning she was of same opinion if i have had a bad cough my breast which has had surgery i could have pulled muscles and this could have caused the pain. Now i have a routine appointment with my onc. on 19th january so my bcn advised me that probably i wouldnt be seen any quicker due to holidays etc, so to hang fire until then.
Its times like this you feel so out in a limb, i just feel things arent right, but hey ho will wait until i have next appointment.
thanks girls, x x

3 years down the line I still ache where I had my lumpectomy and the other night I woke at 4am with pain in 2 ribs. It spooked me a bit as all the rib twinges stopped over 6 months ago. Thankfully it’s gone a gain and my OH wondered if it was caused by the cold weather.

I had a WLE 3 years ago and still have pain in my breast regularly. Sometimes it’s quite sharp and severe. I do have lympoedema in that breast which probably makes it worse, but the breast surgeon has told me several times that the pain is nothing to worry about.

I’m sorry that you’ve got such a long wait before an appointment and I do hope your pain turns out to be nothing serious.
Best wishes
Anthi x

Hi Maximise,
I haven’t posted on here for a while , but felt I needed to when i read your post . I had a benign lumpectomy when I was 19, its caused me a bit of pain a few times, mainly when I haven’t worn a bra. Like now , I have been a bit lazy over Christmas and I know about it . It does send shooting pains and can be tender.

I am 40 now, so its over 20 years since I had my operation . I went to the Dr 2 years ago to ask about my pain. I got a mammogram, a scan, and was told the scar tissue was causing me the pain, because my body was changing.

I found a friend on here who told me to break up a vitamin E tablet and rub it into the scar . it does work. I also got told to be measured for the right sized bra, to support me , to stop my pain / more like an ache than anything else . I haven’t been measured yet, but have a few sports bras and they work wonders ! I have been fine all summer.
So no being lazy tomorrow, and am getting that Vit E out again & my support back
Hope it helps ,happy new year
Rachel aka Nemo x

When I’m in pain on the side where I had the WLE, I wear either a soft cotton sports bra, or a vest with support. It does help a bit.

I still ache too - 6 years on. Can’t lie for long an that side…xxx