Painful hair scalp during Chemotherapy

Despite trying the ice cap during the first two EC treatments, I have lost most of my hair and some is still coming out. The scalp is quite painful especially where the hair bulbs are located and sometimes it feels like an electric stimulus is moving from one area to another of the scalp. I also have a bit of pain around my forehead. This of course makes it difficult to tolerate either a wig or a scarf for long. Do you have any advice to give me to reduce this pain and be able to wear my wig normally? Thank you.

Hi, that sounds painful. Can I ask if you shaved your hair after it started falling out? I ended up doing that because it was coming out in handfuls and since I’ve had no pain or weird feelings in my scalp. maybe try that? If not I was recommended brushing my hair with a baby brush which I think helps keep the scalp clean and gets rid of dry skin. I wash and condition it as well and rub cream and oil in it.

Hi Anna,

Sorry your scalps so sore. Mine was too after the first cycle. I used the cold cap but it still started co ng out. I bit the bullet and had my friend shave it off for me and then it stopped hurting. That was two and a half years ago and I’ve got good hair again now. Big hugs xxx

My scalp used to get very dry after I lost my hair. The solution for me was to wash it with a sensitive skin Olay Daily Facial cloth, dry with a very soft towel and then mist it with Body Shop Vitamin E spray.

Yes I remember it well, but it was fine once it was shaved off. I rub my scalp with either Olive Oil (the BP sort) or Almond Oil as it is important to keep it moisturised.

For my scalp once shaved I used waitrose baby bottom butter I think it’s called.
A lovely soothing softening cream.

It worked! and this is what I did:
I cut my remaining hair very very short (almost shaved length), then, every day, under the shower, I gently wash my scalp with SEBAMED everyday shampoo pH 5.5. Once the scalp is dry, I apply Almond Oil BP (which means British Pharmacopea grade).
In two days my scalp and hair bulbs were no longer painful and now I can wear the wig comfortably.
Thank you to all the kind people who replied to my question with great suggestions and told me what to do.

To all the folks out there  suffering sore scalp while  having chemo, I am due my second chemo next week I have not used the old cap  but have a sore scalp. I have no hairloss yet. I recommend aloe Vera  gel applied to the scalp while hair is wet I had instant relief my scalp felt so cool , rinse it off and apply shampoo after hope you find  this useful.