painful, heavy periods, thought I was in the menopause!

Hi. Yesterday I started having terrible cramps and pain in my abdomen. I was very suprised to find it was a period as I thought I was in the menopause! Haven’t had a period since January, finished chemo in March. I was in dreadful pain all yesterday, last night and today. The bleeding is very heavy, with bright red blood. Has anyone else experienced this? My periods have always been really painful but not as heavy as this.


I finished my chemo in Feb this year, had last period in Nov 06. Have recently started Arimidex, and Zoledax, but just before the injection 2 week ago, I started a heavy period, and I had thought I was in Menopause. Stilll bleeding 2 week later,but it is now starting to slow down, probably due to the Zoladex kicking in. So will have the real memopause to look forward the eventually, joy!!

Love Deborahxxx

I had my last period in July 06. Finished Chemo in Nov 06. I was going for a bone density scan middle of june. My Onc said as I was on the menopause this was the best ting to do. Low and behold I started to get tummy cramps and had a period on 8th June. Lasted about 5 days and was red blood. Not had one since though…