Painful hip

I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Grade 3 BC with heavy lymph node involvement in January this year.
So far I have had MX & ANC, 3 of 3 FEC and 1 of 3 TAX.
I have been having pain in my hips off and on since starting chemo and put it down to SE’s of chemo and pegfilgrastin injections.

I now have very localised pain in one hip. It’s not a terrible pain but I am aware of it all the time and it feels like a bruise when I press the area.

Obviously I am worrying that it may be the start of bony secondaries.I had a clear bone scan in March.
I told my BCN about it yesterday and she said it would be okay to wait until I see my Onc in 3 weeks.

Has anyone else on chemo had a similar experience?
I wonder if anyone with bone mets could give me any advice?

Many thanks,
K x

Mines bottem of my back and hip,mainly when i lie down it is a problem,i have suffered with sciatica in the past so my back is my weak spot,but didnt have hip trouble b4 i had chemo,7wks past chemo i stil have it,i was goin2mention it at my nxt app with onc,was hopin it would just go once i finished chemo…Xsarahx

K - it’s really hard to tell with bone mets - I didn’t get any general pain from mine, but one of the tests my onc always does is to press on a suspicious area to see if there is any pain, and in one met that did produce a feeling like a bruise.

There are of course lots of other things that could be causing the pain, including chemo and tax is known for joint pain, and a clear scan in March is reassuring - but given that you are Grade 3 it should certainly be investigated. I think I would ask for an earlier appointment just because it’s horrible to be in limbo for so long.

I hope it turns out to be nothing sinister.

finty xx

Did you have any neublasta injections with your tax to boost production of cells? When I was on Tax I had terrible joint pains, including hip pain, and I was told that these were caused not only by the Tax (hated it!), but mainly by these injections.
Like Finty said the fact that the bone scan was clear is reassuring, but for your own state of mind you can ask them for an earlier appointment


Thanks for your advice everyone.

I’m hoping it’s just the Tax causing the pain. It’s my first one so I don’t know what is normal for me SE wise on Tax.
The white cell injections did cause joint pain but in a different way to this.

My BCN is going to let my Onc know so I may get an earlier appointment/another bone scan.

Best wishes,
k x