Painful itchy right breast now sore slightly swollen armpit. Possible lump?

Hi , 

I have been experiencing a painful right breast for about 6 weeks now , I changed my bras to non wired but that still offered support. About a week ago in the side , where the pain is it became very itchy (is no longer as itchy). 3 days ago my armpit felt swollen , there is some pain and slight redness and 3 days on it hasn’t changed. When feeling I feel a small lump. I’m sure it could just be a hair follicle as it hurts to touch but I can’t see anything on the surface to suggest this. 
I guess I’m just looking for some advice. I work long hours and really do not want to bother the doctor if it’s something simple that will go away on it’s own. Plus it’s so hard to get a doctors appointment at the moment anyway. 
Has anyone suffered with the same thing please? I’m hoping for some reassurance.

I’m 38 , on the pill and no family history of breast cancer. 
Thank you in advance for any replies x

Please book an appointment with the doctor as soon as possible.  It might be nothing but it’s better to ‘bother’ the doctor.  You are just going to worry.  I am sure your employer will be happy for you to take some time off, your health is extremely important.  Take care

Hiyer Lucylu,

It could be something simple, and benign that will go away on its own in time, it could be something like an infection that will need treating. It in all honesty could be any number of things which we as non-medics couldn’t guess at, but the fact is that whatever it is has gone on for quite a few weeks and would certainly merit a trip to the GP. You have noticed a change in your breast, along the lines of symptoms that are advised to report in all guidance, and it really does need a medical professional to assess the situation. You wouldn’t be ‘bothering unnecessarily’, even if you went in and they did a manual examination and sent you on your way with a ‘don’t worry’, as its always better to check than not check. I know that its quite scary to have to go and make that initial appointment, especially when you have limited time, but it really is important as even IF there was anything untoward going on, finding it and having it treated early is imperative.

You will find many annecdotal stories on here to support your breast change being totally benign, which statistically is most likely, and you will find annecdotal stories on here to support your breast changes being  a more concerning - so unfortunately any online searching or discussion won’t give the answer you will need to feel less worried. I’m really sorry that is the case. I would urge you to make an appointment and visit your GP, at least to put your mind at rest. 

Let us know if you manage to get an appointment and we are always here happy to listen x