painful nipple

hi eveyone. wasn’t sure whether to post on here or not but here goes. last weekend i was in pain throughout the night with my right breast. the nipple itself was really stinging so i had a look and there was a black dot that had appeared. i went to the doctor and she said that it looked alot like a mole and that it was quite starnge. she also said that the breast felt full. for now she’s told me too keep any eye out for any changes and see her again in a months time. then i might be sent to a breast clinic. the thing is is that i can’t stop freting about it! im only 20 and i also have cfs/me. i quess i just wanted to know if theres anyone else whos had a similar experience. also, what exactly do they do at a breast clinic? thanks :slight_smile:

Hi bluesaphire and welcome to the forums

In addition to the valuable support you will receive here please feel free to call our helpline if you wish to talk to someone in confidence about your concerns, the number to call is 0808 800 6000 weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2.

I have also posted a link to the BCC publication ‘Referral to a breast clinic’ which will help you to understand more about what to expect if you do have to go there:*/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/59/

I hope this helps.

Take care

Hi Bluesaphire,
I had this experience many years ago and it turned out to be something blocking my nipple, it did also start to bleed which scared me like hell. I used to get comfort by lying in the bath with a warm facecloth over it. I was sent to a breast surgeon who, because it was leaking squeezed a sample out of it for biopsy and then took me in to have behind the nipple cleared out.

This was done under anaesthitic, didnt hurt and didnt leave a scar. It was apparently just something that can happen behind nipples in the milk ducts. This was in the opposite breast to the one I did get breast cancer in so it definitely wasnt related in any shape or form.

Try not to sorry, not easy I do know, but there are loads of things this can be and may even clear up on its own, but do as your doc says and dont leave it until you do get the reason for the appearance of the black spot.

Best of luck Ann B x