painkillers after surgery

can someone let me know, how long after surgery are you on painkillers - should I still be on them after 2 weeks (Paracetomal 500mg and dicloflex 50mg) Forgot to ask when I went to the hospital on Thursday, not sure if I should be weaning off them now, thankyou!

I only took co-codamol for 2days,thenparacetamol for another 2nights only at night

Hi BessieBoo

Breast Cancer Care have written a ‘Resources Pack’ for anyone newly diagnosed with breast cancer which you may find helpful to read, it is filled with information to help you better understand your diagnosis, test results and the various treatments available. You can order a free copy from the following link or you can ask for a copy to be sent to you via the helpline.

There is information in the pack about our other support services, including our helpline, tel no 0808 800 6000 which you may find useful to use at some point if you need to talk anything through or just need someone to lend an understanding ear. Alternatively if you prefer you can use email: <script type=“text/javascript”>eval(unescape(‘%64%6f%63%75%6d%65%6e%74%2e%77%72%69%74%65%28%27%3c%61%20%68%72%65%66%3d%22%6d%61%69%6c%74%6f%3a%69%6e%66%6f%40%62%72%65%61%73%74%63%61%6e%63%65%72%63%61%72%65%2e%6f%72%67%2e%75%6b%22%3e%69%6e%66%6f%40%62%72%65%61%73%74%63%61%6e%63%65%72%63%61%72%65%2e%6f%72%67%2e%75%6b%3c%2f%61%3e%27%29%3b’))</script>

I hope this is of some help to you.

Best wishes

I was on Tramadol in the hospital and asked not to have any more after 2 days as I was like a zombie. When I got home I slept on my back with my arm on a memory foam pillow and I tried to only take something for the pain when it was too unbearable. I used to take a couple of paracetamol about 15 minutes before doing my arm exercises so the edge would be taken off it.

Hi Bessieboo

are you still getting pain or are you taking the painkillers because you think you should? I would have thought that if you were still in pain after two weeks you should get it checked out incase of infection. Diclofenac are a type of drug called non steroidal anti inflammatories and if taken for long periods, may cause upset of the stomach lining so do ask your doctor whether you should still have them. I was given them, plus paracetamol and coedine to take home, but only needed them for a few days.

Paracetamol aren’t strong enough for me. I hate diclofenac which make me very nauseous. I ended up on good old Nurofen Plus which seemed to do the trick. It is 3 weeks since my axillary clearance and I still take them as and when I need to.

I was given coedine and paracetamol while in hospital and was sent home with just the paracetamol. I already take co-codamol for other reasons so continued with these three times a day, for 2 days. Three weeks later I still take 2 in the evening because my arm tires more now but other than not being able to straighten it right up in the air I have full movement with no pain.

After mast and FNC I pretty much stopped taking them when I got home, however it was Christmas Eve so I opended up the red wine instead, the reg was rather impressed when I told him when I was back up Christmas day to have my drain checked, said he would have done the same.

When I had tram flap recon Dec 07, took pain killers for about a week but lowered dose every day, I never seem to finish what they send me home with, have an absolute cupboard full of half empty packets. I think I am a bit paroniod re tablets, as got a bit dependent on Nurofen years ago due to wisdoms playing me up and NHS referral to hospital to have them removed took bloody months.

My exercises hurt, but I personally would rather feel the pain so I wouldn’t push my self too much and cause damage


it really depends on your level of pain. I had a mastectomy with 10 lymph nodes removed. They send you home with very strong medicine; in my case since I am in US, it was oxycodon. While it is tempting to continue it for a long time, I was given about a week to wean myself off it.

To do that, I switched to a weaker med, vicodin; and took it at night only when I needed it. I just needed to sleep and I felt it was less painful than really very uncomfortable. I took Tylenol during the day if I thought I needed it; and only used the other at night.

Of cousre you can’t take it with any meds, but a glass of wine was very effective for me too at night instead of the drugs.

If you are still in deep pain, you need to call your BCN or doctor to see why.

I hope you are finding a happy medium and weaning yourself off of them by now.


thankyou all for your help, I have had a double mastectomy and four lymph nodes one side, and three the other, my left side is more painful than the right, but I think thats cos it was bigger and grade 2, my arms vary from numb to aching, but I have cut down on the paracetomol since yesterday and its not too bad, and i had a couple of rose wines last night (I think they helped more!!), my internet has been down until now - so couldnt answer til now!!

Went and got my calcium and vitamin d tabs today, and also starflower capsules - thought Id take them for a few days and then start on the Arimidex (which I am putting off!!),

Its good to know that I can speak to people like you!!


Hi All, I had lumpectomy on 30 June and mastectomy on 21 July three weeks ago. When I get up in a morning and am moving around I seem to manage ok, but as the day wears on I can feel the tightness under my arm as I had lymph nodes removed as well. I cannot stand any clothes to touch the area around front and back as It feels alive to the touch very sensitive indeed. I am going for chemo starting next Monday the 18 Aug and want to be able to control this before I start. I have just left a message for BC nurse to get back to me. Any suggestions appreciated best wishes to all.

My BC nurse said that the sensitive feeling was normal and it was the nerve endings, cos sometimes its as if I cant bear anything to touch my skin, it seems to have improved a bit over the last few days, my operation was 23 July - and the nurse said to keep doing the exercises. I did find a tshirt/vest in M&S which was specially for sensitive skin which is lovely and soft, but do your arms go numb too?

Just when you think youve got through the worse, there always seems to be something else!!! are you on tablets too?

Good luck with the chemo


I am still on painkillers ,although I have reduced the dosage,nearly 3 weeks after my surgery 23 july too!.I had a mastectomy and immediate LD recon.My Dr is quite happy that I continue.I think it depends on the surgery and the individual.I would hate anyone to feel that they are weak for continuing with painkillers ,as long as its under medical advice there is no problem especially with paracetamol or ibruprofen.
I normally hate taking painkillers but my boob and back are so achy that the painkillers help my movement.

My skin on my new boob above where my nipple used to be is also very sensitive and is sore to touch ,I hope that it gets better.