Pains after chemo

Hi all, my mom had her last chemo 4 weeks ago in herself she is feeling ok but has put on 2 stone and has done no excercise for 7 months due to exhaustion through chemo she has recently started walking very short distances and is really suffering from a backache just wondered if anyone else has experianced this and is it normal? also when does your hair start to grow back any advice would be great,

Thank you

Lisa xxxxxx

Hi Lisa
hope your mum is doing well and continues to feel ok. I finished my chemo 3 weeks ago and like your mum, I have put on weight, had very little exercise also due to exhaustion, and am suffering with a lot of aches and pains. I think this is due to the weak muscles caused by the TAX chemo. I am very tired and get short of breath easily and am hoping this will be short lived. I believe this is normal. chemo takes a lot out of us and will take some time to get back to ‘normal’. As for the hair, I have been wondering the same thing!!! My family are telling me that they can see mine starting to come back. I have ‘fluff’ at the moment, and cant see it, but have got some eyelashes reappearing today! Have been told hair should start to return soon, so fingers crossed for your mum. Hope all goes well for her, and i feel sure you will get lots of replies on this thread from others who may be able to help more.
deb x

Hi Deb,

Thank you so much for replyling, do you mind me asking what age you are? my mom is a young 62 I have just phoned her and read out your reply she was so reassured so thank you so much for your reply, she was so active before all of this and I think she just worries that it will never be the same she has 5 young grandchildren and was so involved before all of this that I think she worries she will never be the same, my father in laws girlfriend who is 42 also had breast cancer and chemo 4 and a half years ago and is doing great however she also had severe pains once chemo had fionished so I’m sure it is normal she also lost all her hair and I gotts tell you her hair is the best it has ever been now she loooks fab!!! I am sure I can see moms eye lashes coming back I just hope it starts to gow soon what grade etc did you have lots of love and best wishes deb xxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Lisa and Deb my hair started growing 12 weeks after I had shaved my head (may 15th, I kept a little lock and look it it often) x

hiya Lisa
Hope you mum feels better too. Im 35 and feel about 65, finished FEC/T last week and still exhausted. Ihave lots of aches and pains but especially my back which been paranoid about as had it a while, think it might be down to the drugs and steroids and like your mum Ive put weight on almost 2.5 stone, so I suppose this would contribute to the pains and out of breath! Here’s to getting back to being a bit healthier and happier


I think everyone’s different as to hair re-growth. I have had 3 FEC and 2 TAX, due the last one on 23rd Sept, but my hair started growing back after the first TAX. It is soft and fluffy, and bits are much darked than my hair ever was,and bits are white, so I am going to look like a badger for a while, but hey it’s hair. I’m 39 but feel at least 80 with the sluggishness and pains.
Hope your Mum gets better soon


Hi Lisa
thanks for your reply. I am 42. was dx in april with grade 3, 4cm in size. a lot of girls say their hair grows back before chemo finishes, guess i must be one of the unlucky ones!! more concerned with eyelashes and eyebrows growing back than i am the hair!! i am still finding that i am tired, but aching is slowly disappearing. still get short of breath easily, but taking each day at a time. Do hope your mum is feeling better. think we just need to take it easy and listen to our body, and in time our energy levels will come back!!! I find it so frustrating, knowing there is housework to be done, and only being able to do small bits at a time. the worse bit is not being able to walk our dog, especially when i need the exercise. give your mum my best wishes.
all you others out there, so jealous your hair is growing back so soon!!! whats your secret!!!
love to all
deb x

Hi deb I am 64 and was 62 at dx.I finished chemo 16 months ago and can say that it is normal to have some ongoing aches and pains for some time.I had taxotere and still get aches in knees and shoulders when I walk for longer than 20minutes but it is improving daily and my breathlessness has almost entirely gone.Good luck to her love Vx

Hi all thanks so much for your replies it’s so reassuring to have you all here!! Mom finished chemo 5 weeks ago and is slowly getting back to normal we went up stratford shopping yesterday together it was fantastic to have my shopping buddy back again!! she managed about 1 and a half hours but then I could tell she was feeling it so I told her I had had enough and time to go she said she was glad as her back was hurting a bit she does seem to be getting better daily and has started her rads today ( she has 15 sessions) I have just spoke with her and she feels fine she is going to her friends tonight so I know she must be ok mom too had breathlessness so thanks again for your reassurance I just worry all the time but don’t want to share my concerns with her as feel she has enough to deal with so I guess you guys are my saviours I’m going to put another post on now about rads just to get an insight.

V - I am so glad you are improving daily you are giving me strength to know things do get better - love & luck to you xx
Debs - you are the same age as my boyfriends dads girlfriend - she too had grade 3, 5 years this coming march she had chemo & rads and I tell you something debs her hair has never been better she looks stunning - love to you xx
Lisaf - thanks for your reply I felt so reassured when I read your post about your back I tuley hope the pain lessens for you mom too has put on a lot of weight she worrys all the time I have said who cares you have fought BC and won you have the rest of your life to loose weight it’s whats on the inside - xxx
Kiden - thanks for your message too - I read your post to mom she laughed at your badger commet she too has the same style going on she makes us all look at her head to see the clouring she has black at the sides and white on top she don’t care she just wants her hair to come back I think she looks great my old mom is coming back!!! - lots of love & happiness to you kiden xxxxxxxxx