pains in the arm

hi had a lumpectomy on the 11th june still getting district nurse dressing my wound every 3 days umderarm where they took lymph nodes out has healed but i get a lot of pains in my arm im doing my excersises but the pain is really bad could it be because i had an infection there any ideas how to stop the pains roz


Think it takes a while for swelling and nerve damage to heal after lymph node removal, although 4 weeks is quite a while. I had shooting nerve pain for several weeks and I was suprised how long it took for things to settle down. Is the pain constant? And is there signs of infection like swelling, redness and heat? I would advise you talk to your breast care nurse, who should be able to advise you. Don’t overdo the excersises, you are still healing and need to be gentle with yourself. Sorry you are having so much pain. Hope things improve. Sunny xx

thanks sunny.
i did have an infection and things were ok but last week the nurse said it was healed and since then its been constant dull ache but intense if you know what i mean i saw my nurse who told me to take stronger painkillers i cant take any stronger than i am taking
i will try slowing down on the exercise and see how that works thanks for caring rozxx

Roz, you could also ask your BC nurse to refer you to a physio to help you with your exercises. It is different for everyone, so a bit of personal advice may be all you need to get you back on track.