PALB2 Gene mutation anyone?

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I’m 37 and whilst undergoing my cancer treatment I’ve been diagnosed with the PALB2 gene mutation. I hadn’t heard of it before, and understand it’s almost like the sister to the BRCA genes. I wondered if anyone here has had that diagnosis, and whether you’ve taken any preventive mastectomy measures? 

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I had bc at 30 I done all treatment and for the surgery I had to have genetic testing but they said I could have a double mastectomy as I would carry the gene as mother and aunti had bc early 40s. Big shock I didn’t carry gene. I was offered to go in a genetic programme to find out more information. 
but I had a double mastectomy and had my ovaries and tubes removed as preventative measure. I had to fight for this as I knew this was right for me. Go for what you need and makes you happy to move forward. Sorry not much help on palb2. 
wishing you all the best. X

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I’ve got a CHEK2 gene mutation. It’s not the same as a PALB2 mutation but I wanted to say hi .



I was diagnosed at 30 years old and the genetic mutation was a surprise, doesn’t explain why I had cancer but it’s part of the reason I suppose. I now have yearly 

MRI scans as a preventative measure. (As I get older and my risk of cancer increases I may look into other preventative measures.)