Palbociclib and Letrozole

My wife, Val, is being treated with Letrozole and Palbociclib (Ibrance). Since they first discovered a minute bit of cancer in her breast, she has been for scans regularly and all these have been normal with no sign of spread in any part of her body.

She has been on various plans of Palbo 3 weeks againt 1 and because her neutrophils were low these were extended to 3 against 2 meaning she missed 2 weeks of the palbo during her treatment. This week her oncologist has suggested that because her neutrophils are still low she should stop the Palbo altogether.

She has said that there is no sign of spread and my wife feels top of the world with no symptoms or other side effects. The only problem with neutropenia is that her immune system is down. She does take all protection against infections etc and seems in tip top health.

I am concerned that to stop her Palbo outright will  compromise her chances of continued survival and that the cancer may start to spread and she will die. I love my wife very much and cant imagine having to live without her so I need to know if there are alternatives to keep her so well.

If anybody can help Please Please get in touch I am beside myself with worry and its making me ill too.

I dont want to lose my wife if there is something I can suggest to her oncologist.

Thanks everybody for reading this and please help us.

Welcome to the forum .These decisions are never easy , it sounds like your wife’s oncologist feels it’s safe to stop the Ibrance and that the risks out way the benefits but I totally understand your anxiety .You can ask the nurses on the forum about this, they may be able to give you some re-assurance . You can post in the ask the nurses section or ring the number top left .please feel free to post here for a chat - we all understand the fear x