Palbociclib and Letrozole


Can anyone answer this.

Was put on Palbociclib and Letrozole,in the middle of April After 1st cycle bloods taken,low white cells so had to wait 1 week before going back on which would take me into May exactly same thing happened in May ,Onocologist says keep on tablets.Only started 3rd cycle Yesterday.

My main concern is I went to get my scan on Thursday but I thought you had to wait three cycles before having scans,so only having two cycles will the scan not be an accurate reading.are the tablets working?

worried that have messed up not taken into consideration the two weeks overall I had to wait for white cells to rise.


I’m no expert but I’m on Letrosole and Palcibiblib (sorry about my spelling.) I have to delay Palacibiblib sometimes because of my blood count but I still have scans every three months regardless. I think they just need to see what’s happening. The hormone pills can have quite an affect on their own. Hope this makes sense! Anne 

Hi Walsh, it’s taken over a year to get me on a Palbociclib regime that I can tolerate. Ended up in hospital a couple of times as the neuts crashed and I little colds turned into monsters. For me my Onco counted months on treatment rather than cycles so he could check what was going on. I have also rested from the meds for a month as the Letrozole caused joint problems . I am on 75mgs, 2weeks on and 2 weeks off. Currently do not see my Onco for a whole three months! Yay me?. All 4 lung mets stable and my Onco is delighted for me…as am I! My advice is to check reason for treatment with team, but be guided by them. They have your best interests at heart. Good luck. ?

I have seen the oncologist today for the first time. I have been found to have

extensive liver mets from a very small breast cancer 11 years ago. . She has prescribed Letrozole which I will start taking tonight and Palbociclip which I hope to start taking in a week. 

Excuse my ignorance but should these tablets shrink my tumours or just stop them getting any bigger

Thanks for your help