Palbociclib (ibrance) and flu jab timing

Hello all,

has anyone got any guidance as to when in the Palbociclib (ibrance) cycle you should get a flu jab? I need some ammunition for the GP surgery to potentially to offer the jab to me outside of their usual flu jab days, thanks.

Hi, your neutrophils are at their lowest at the end of the course. Therefore you are strongest just before you begin your next course. I don’t think you need worry though as the vaccine is a dead vaccine, so you may get a sore arm but you shouldn’t get anything else.

Hi I had my flu jab last week towards the end of my cycle. My next cycle has now been delayed as Neutrophils too low. I wonder if this had an impact. Next time I will do it at the beginning!



My clinic appointments were on Fridays, with my first tablet on the Saturday and the local flu clinics on 3 Saturdays in autumn. I choose whichever flu clinic is on day 1 of my cycle, when my white cells are at their peak.