Palbociclib (ibrance) Fulvestrant (faslodex)

I had a mastectomy on my right side beginning 2017 and now recently diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in my lung. I started my treatment just over a week ago. Is anyone else on the same treatment as me and any side effects? Yesterday I felt a bit bilious & a slight headache. Not sure if its from the medication.

I am on this combination and have been since sept 2022, luckily I have very few side effects (hair thinning) but I recommend drinking lots and lots of water as I find I easily become dehydrated if I don’t.

Good luck

Thanks so much for the advice of drinking lots of water. I will do that, when I had my 1st injections for a few days afterwards I found it difficult lifting my legs so am hoping when I have my 2nd lot on Wednesday I don’t have the same thing happen again.
Take care Spikey,

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