Palbociclib with letrozole combo

Hi ladies

has anyone had success with the palbo / letrozole combo longer than 3 years ?

thanks x

Hi diweb,

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I am sorry you haven’t had any response yet. I am hoping my response will help our members to see your post and share their experience.

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I am starting this shortly. On letrozole now. Oncologist told me he has another woman same diagnosis as me, secondary breast cancer spread to spine. She is in 3rd year now

I am just 3 years in and scans stable there are several on here been on it longer and I was told as long as its keeping things stable I will stay on it . Liz x

I’ve been on this combo for 3-1/2 years since about Feb. 2018.  Started Ibrance at 125mg, reduced to 100 then 75.  Have been stable with no spread for over 2 years on 75mg. 

I’ve recently come off Palbo as my quality of life was naff. Letrozole is keeping my lung mets stable. On the combo since October 2017 until last month. Best wishes. Ann x

Hello diweb,  I’ve have sbc in two vertebrae.  I’ve been on Palbociclib and Letrozole for just over 4 years.  I started on the 125 mg dose but now take 100 mg.  I have scans every 4 months and the last one thankfully showed no disease progression.  I’m hoping that will continue for a good time!
Its not easy, I find I get extremely tired and the meds make me breathless when walking.  I get some joint pain and take paracetamol to help.  But at the end if the day I’m still here which I never expected to happen when I was first diagnosed.  I’m so grateful I’ve been around to see my second grand child born.

Good luck with your treatment.  You can do this! 

Hi I realise that this does not answer your question but I am now in my fourth month of the same treatment.  I never see anyone and only receive a five minute phone call once per month- if I am lucky - last month I had no phone call and no prescription ready for me either.  I wonder if you have had the same lonely experience for however long you have been on this treatment.  I realise that the Oncology departments are overstretched but must admit I might as well be on Mars.

Tehere is a ribociclib/kisqali group on Facebook. I advise it. There a lot people who has successful treatment

Yes.  I have been on Palbociclib with Letrozole for the last 4 years and 5 months and my secondary breast cancer wide spread in my spine, ribs, and upper leg is still stable.  I understand that I am very lucky that it has continued to work for this long.

I am now having to have blood transfusion, possibly as a side effect, possibly because the cancer has become more ‘active’ but still stable.  The other side effect have been very manageable, low bloods, fatigue, occasional mouth ulcers, and watery eyes.