I have been on palbociclib for 6 months

at 3 months I had a mild skin reaction, but at 6 months I have got a grace 3 ( worst) form acne reaction

i have been off palbociclib for three weeks now and though better the acne hasn’t gone.

so my only cancer cover is faslodex

i am worried about my liver secondaries.  
Has anyone else had this reaction?

also if I can’t take palbociclib, what is the next treatment.?

any help much appreciated 


Hi Noz , sorry you’ve not got a reply yet , just responding to bump this up so other users may see it . Jill x

I had a skin reaction on my thighs like little purple spots.  First time i was neutropenic but it was dismissed.  Rash appeared on 2nd time even with a reduced dose and suddenly it was significant enough with all the other side effects that my Palbo was stopped.  I’m a 60 year-old woman and developed spots on my face too-not many but I’ve not had spots for years!

There appear to be other ‘clib’ type drugs and I’m going to discuss them with my oncologist next month after my CT.